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20 Managed File Transfer Project Ideas (Plus Survey Results)

go ahead - use these MFT software ideas in your organization

Earlier this year, HelpSystems surveyed nearly 200 GoAnywhere MFT users to see how they use managed file transfer software in their organizations. The responses we received from our customers were varied and comprehensive, giving us more insight into the needs of MFT users than ever before.

From the survey, we were inspired to create an ebook filled with project examples and initiatives you can read, enjoy—and even use in your own environment.

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What else did our customers have to say about how they use their MFT software?

1. Ninety-three percent use GoAnywhere to automate SFTP, FTPS, and/or FTP transfers.

It’s no surprise that automating the movement of files is one of the biggest applications of MFT software. However, GoAnywhere MFT is not limited to business process automation and batch file transfers! Our customers also use managed file transfer in their organizations to:

  • Encrypt and decrypt files with OpenPGP (56%)
  • Translate and convert data (52%)
  • Detect new files to process with file monitors (52%)

2. Customers regularly transfer financial data, customer data, and reports with MFT.

When asked which types of files GoAnywhere users regularly transfer with our software, the top three responses were financial data, customer data, and reports for trading partners.

ACH files, EDI files, and invoices were also popular selections.

3. Over 24% of organizations surveyed perform 100-499 file transfers a week.

Some of our larger customers said they perform over 5,000 file transfers weekly. The rest of the responses were spread out fairly evenly between 1-99 and 500-4,999, proving that GoAnywhere MFT is scalable for organizations of all sizes.

4. The majority of respondents (62%) connect to 1-49 partners using GoAnywhere.

Subsequent results indicate that 15% of customers connect to between 50-99 partners with GoAnywhere, 11% connect to between 100-499 partners, and only 5% connect to 500 or more.

5. Seventy-two percent of IT teams chose GoAnywhere MFT for its functionality.

Why did current GoAnywhere customers choose us for their MFT needs? Functionality fell into first place but was followed closely by:

  • Ease of use (71%)
  • Centralization of file transfers (70%)
  • Automation (65%)
  • Security features (64%)

Wondering what additional functionality GoAnywhere offers? Explore our licensable MFT modules on this page.

6. Overall, users looked for an MFT solution that would provide secure file transfer, automation, and reporting features.

When asked what was most important during their search for MFT software, survey respondents said they focused on secure file transfer, automation, and reporting as the ‘need-to-have’ features on their evaluation checklist.

7. We serve customers in an array of industries, with the top three being healthcare, banking and finance, and insurance.

GoAnywhere MFT serves a wide variety of industries, from logistics and education to government and retail. Since we can help organizations achieve HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other types of compliance for their file transfers, we see a lot of industries using our solution to meet critical audit requirements.

Did we miss anything? Let us know!

If you have a unique use case you’d like to share with your peers, add it to our community forum! We’d love to hear how GoAnywhere MFT has helped you launch projects and initiatives in your organization—and we know others would too.

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P.S. Don’t forget to download your copy of “The GoAnywhere Book of Secure File Transfer Project Examples” for 20+ MFT use cases created by IT professionals like you.

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