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Internet Day: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Internet Day celebrates connectedness worldwide

Why is Internet Day Celebrated?

October 29 marks the day the first electronic message was sent from one computer to another back in 1969. Countries around the world take note of this occasion, as it marks not only an achievement in technology but also a way of life that didn’t exist prior to that first “send.”

While the message transferred wasn’t profound or even very long (the system crashed) as a UCLA professor tried to send “login” to a Stanford programmer, and they only got to “lo”, it did launch a new way of communication and an embrace of technology most people today can’t imagine living without.

So, raise your glass on Oct. 29 and say “cheers” to all that the innovation, creativity, connections, and more that the internet has brought.

Internet Safety Remains a Growing Concern

With great technology comes great access – for good intentions as well as malicious. Today’s headlines are filled not with the “wonder” of the internet’s potential that was more than 50 years ago, but rather with how Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other massively popular applications can potentially do more harm than good. Safer Internet Day is promoted to help call attention to how internet users, particularly younger ones, can be safer and wiser users of this powerful technology.

In addition, as organizations share data and collaborate with each other more and more frequently as part of day-to-day business operations, the issues of compliance, data privacy, and data security as it relates to the internet as a whole rise. The use of the internet personally and professional calls for awareness of threats to the information exchanged through it, on-premises or via the cloud.

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Internet Data Protection Safeguards

Collaboration, especially in today’s more divergent, remote work environment is essential to get work done. Whether sharing files via email, a shared server or another platform, it’s essential that the information contained in those files be locked down to stay secure while at rest and while in motion.

Not only do data protection solutions help prevent cybercrime, they also can help organizations maintain compliance with data privacy regulations that, should they be breached, result in heavy financial and reputational costs.

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Managed file transfer (MFT) is one such solution to incorporate to help enforce internet security within and outside your organization. Along with the headlines about how internet usage has the potential to be harmful personally, are those cringy headlines detailing data breaches and cybercrime.

One important method of protecting data through the internet is to incorporate strong encryption protocols into your processes. With encryption in place, even if sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, it’ll be rendered unreadable without an authorized user’s key to read the contents.

GoAnywhere MFT makes it easier and more importantly, safer to collaborate and send files. It can secure your files and forms and add a circle of security defense not only around files, but also around emails exchanged. GoAnywhere is dashboard-style easy to use, is automated and streamlines what can be a cumbersome process to send batch and large files.

Steer Internet Hackers Away

Review your internet security policies, processes and protocols regular to stay on top of the latest cyber threats. Then, dig into our Think Like a Hacker Guide.

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