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Top 3 Things to Look for in a Remote Collaboration Tool

Use a remote collaboration tool to make it seem like you're all in the same room. 6 people sitting at a table working together.

Feel Like You're Working Together — Even From Apart

Finding the best way to securely collaborate on and share files can be difficult in the best of times. With large swathes of people working from home for the first time, finding the solution that meets your business requirements is paramount.

Content collaboration tools vary, but fulfill the same goal: promoting collaboration and productivity by giving users access to files and folders.

There are a lot of file sharing and collaboration tools available today – both free and paid – so how do you choose the best for your organization? Besides the basics – security and ease-of-use – there are 3 main features to look for when comparing file collaboration tools.

1. Centralization

There’s nothing worse than linking up multiple tools for a Rube Goldberg-esque approach to file sharing. It can get tedious when you need to use a different tool for each type of file sharing you do:

  • Sending a quick email,
  • Sharing huge files,
  • Working with a group on a single document.

Instead of finding a separate tool for each, use one that lets you do everything you need from one simple interface. Consider what types of sharing your organization does, and ensure that your chosen solution can support each of them, without bouncing between different login screens.

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2. Flexible Sharing Options

Whether you’re sending bulk files, working together on a sensitive document, or simply need to send a large file – or all three – your solution should actually be able to do all these. A solution like GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) lets users easily share files in different ways by using different modules, all from one easy to use interface. For example:

  • Secure Folders gives users access to authorized files and folders through a web browser. Detailed controls allow only authorized users to gain access to specific folders.
  • Easily share, revise, track changes, and sync files and folders across your system with GoDrive.
  • Secure Forms lets you set up forms for customers, trading partners, or even employees can fill out, and easily upload that information to your organization.

When you finally find and implement that perfect file sharing solution, you want employees to use it instead of finding unsecure ways to bypass your sharing standards. Choosing a solution that integrates with a tool your organization already uses creates a seamless, streamlined experience. Whether you want to work in your browser or your email client, Secure Mail has you covered. Simply choose the secure or large file you want to share, and Secure Mail will send your recipient a link to access the file.

Bonus: If you’re concerned about what your employees are sending (and what metadata it might contain), adding an adaptive data loss prevention tool on top of your file sharing tool can keep sensitive data inside your organization (even if employees themselves aren’t currently inside your offices) and integrating anti-virus scanning will make sure the files received won’t have malware attached to them

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3. Automation, Tracking, and Monitoring

These features help you out in a variety of ways:

  • Reduce your workload by automating any file sharing you have to do.
  • Track changes easily with file versioning, revision tracking, and audit trails.
  • Stay compliant with industry or regional requirements your organization adheres to, and easily submit transfer activity information thanks to detailed audit logs.
  • Monitor statuses – delivered, viewed, downloaded, and more – and ensure that only authorized users are accessing your files.

Get a global overview of your file movements when you use a tool with these features.

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Secure Collaboration and File Sharing for Free

For a limited time, get a free 90-day license of GoAnywhere’s collaboration modules, including:

  • 25 Secure Mail users to send secure messages and files of any size from either a browser-based interface or the Outlook plug-in.
  • 25 GoDrive users, so you can easily collaborate on documents in the cloud or on-premises. Track file versions, comment, and more.
  • Secure Folders, which give you remote access to files on your server.
  • GoAnywhere Gateway, a DMZ Secure Gateway that lets you avoid opening up inbound ports when accessing file servers.

For even more security, add on the 90-day license for integrated threat protection and data loss prevention from recent HelpSystems acquisition, Clearswift.

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