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Making a Case for MFT

Blindfolded statues weighs whether or not to use an MFT solution in the scales of justice

You’re not on trial when you present a new tool or software to internal stakeholders, but it can certainly feel that way some days. Making the case to adopt managed file transfer software can also be trying; while the solution is evident to you, your audience may need some convincing. Read all our tips or check out the resources below to make sure you’re prepared to present and get buy-in on the MFT solution that you want.

Opening Statements: Why Use This Solution?

Start on a strong note – list the features that matter to you, then back them up with the reputable resources you found.

Use current reviews and testimonials from third parties, whether in aggregate from a document like the Info-Tech MFT Category Report or from current managed file transfer users on sites like Gartner Peer Insights, Capterra, or G2.

Highlight the best of your chosen product. Emphasize what makes it stand out from the crowd, and what will make the daily software users happy with your choice.

Make it Easy to Come to a Verdict

Whether you’ve gone deep into the weeds on secure MFT software while researching or you’ve merely skimmed your favorite review sites, your professional opinion deserves to be heard. Organize your resources to introduce the benefits of managed file transfer and make it easy for your stakeholders to come to the same logical and research-based conclusion as you:

How MFT solves pain points in your organization: Highlight the fundamentals – security, automation, and the ability to centralize all your file transfer needs through one interface.

MFT gives employees time to focus on higher-level work: Move away from legacy processes and single-function tools to speed up file transfers and reduce time spent troubleshooting pesky errors.

MFT saves your organization time and money: Efficiently sharing files and collaborating from any authorized machine, such as a mobile devices, tablets, or laptops, isn’t a dream – it’s reality when you use MFT software. Ensure that your organization is meeting current compliance standards, and is audit-ready at the drop of a hat.

MFT furthers your organization’s goals: You know your organization’s specific processes and needs best, and a solution that grows with you is always worth the investment. Whether you’re looking to improve security, control, or reporting, framing your presentation with this goal in mind is a good way to catch – and keep – your stakeholder’s attention.

Why this MFT solution conquers the competition: Compare and contrast the solutions you researched – what does each MFT software do better or worse than the others, and how do those fit into your organization’s processes?

Cross Examination: How to Answer Everyone’s Questions

Anticipating the questions that your stakeholders may have keeps the purchase process moving. Back up your expert opinion with resources from around the web – whether you use the entire document or a short snippet that supports your argument, win everyone over with your confident, ready answers (and reduce meeting follow-up time!).

What is MFT?

If this is the first managed file transfer software your organization is using or if your stakeholders are outside of IT, an informative overview goes a long way. Managed file transfer, at its base, covers all the aspects of inbound and outbound file transfers (for example, healthcare, payroll, or transactional documents) securely, and can automate transfers from a single, central point of administration.

For the detail-oriented stakeholder: The MFT Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Why MFT?

The scripts and manual processes currently in use work fine – right? You know they don’t, and MFT is the solution: time spent troubleshooting, modifying, and creating scripts and transfers limits how much higher-level work gets done, and requires more manual work down the road. Stay ahead of the game on audits, reporting, and even knowing whether or not your files transferred successfully with just one tool: MFT software.

For the stakeholder who likes a second opinion: GoAnywhere Testimonials

→ For the skeptical stakeholder: Peer Insights Review

Why This Product?

You know exactly why this is the MFT solution for you – you’ve used the free trial, sat in on a demo, and maybe even seen who in your industry uses the same product. Reiterate why this product rises above other options, and the key organizational benefits that this product solves better than the rest.

For the competitive stakeholder: Info-Tech MFT Emotional Footprint Report

What Can it Do?

With GoAnywhere, secure managed file transfer is just the beginning. Your organization has unique processes and needs, and more likely than not, once you get started using MFT you’ll find more automation, security, or transfer gaps it can fill.

For the too-busy stakeholder: GoAnywhere’s two-minute on-demand demo

→ For the stakeholder who loves demos: Schedule a live demo for your meeting

Why Not a Free Solution? What Are the Costs and Cost Savings?

Free is always better, except for when it’s not. The files you’re transferring are private: they contain information that the rest of the world shouldn’t see. Getting the support and security your files deserve is straightforward with an enterprise-level MFT solution.

For the stakeholder who lives by the budget: Request a Quote

→ For the frugal stakeholder: ROI Calculator

Physical Evidence: MFT Email Template

You and your stakeholders are busy people! Save time and energy – for both parties – with our ready-to-use template.

This compelling email outline starts with your stakeholder’s to-do, then lists out indispensable information and data about costs and benefits. Wrap up the email with how you arrived at this conclusion – the “show your work” portion of the missive. Simply copy, paste, fill out, and send to get the process started!

Subject: File Transfer Solution – ready to implement

Hi [stakeholder(s)],

We are ready to implement [solution name] as soon as you give us the green light; [vendor name] is prepared to help us migrate our processes to [solution name] if we want to expedite the project.

Take a look at the attached documents and let me know what you think of [solution name], and if you’d like to schedule a meeting. This solution to secure managed file transfer fits our needs best of anything I’ve reviewed. Quick details:

  • We’ve been quoted [$x] for [solution name]
  • Expected ROI over 12 months is [insert ROI]

Some of the benefits of this solution are:

  • Benefit specific to your company #1
  • Benefit specific to your company #2

I’ve been evaluating secure file transfer for the past [add timeline here]. I’ve reviewed several solutions in the marketplace and [solution name] is the best for our file transfer needs. I’ve already sat in on a demo, evaluated a trial, and read reviews, and I believe this solution will best be able to [add the #1 benefit for your specific organization] for us.


[Your name]

No Objections Here!

Providing your stakeholders with a well-thought-out presentation of GoAnywhere MFT using our tips above is sure to have you quickly and securely transferring those critical files in no time.

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