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Why You Should Migrate from Your Current MFT Software

Switch to a new managed file transfer solution for the best MFT software.

Is Your MFT Solution Keeping Up with Your File Transfer Requirements?

With the increasing responsibilities IT professionals must juggle, including managing a myriad of daily tasks, addressing cybersecurity concerns, creating projects and business guidelines, meeting partner requests, and keeping abreast of compliance requirements, life is far too short for a file transfer solution that doesn’t meet your ever-changing needs.

If your current managed file transfer software has you stressed, switch it up! Migration to a different solution doesn’t have to be a painful experience. In fact, the new solution may be easier to navigate, more user friendly, and provide you with key features (like automation, scaling, alerting, and high availability) that streamline your file transfer processes.

Evaluating New MFT Software for the Enterprise

Here are just a few things to look for when evaluating potential new MFT solutions:

  • Getting market-leading features via a modern solution at an affordable price
  • Easy software implementation and upgrades—consultants not required
  • Budget-friendly customization for your software deployment
  • The ability to scale the volume of your file transfers without the extra cost
  • A solution that doesn’t necessitate programming or scripting knowledge
  • Optional deployment to different operating systems, so your investment isn’t lost if management changes to another platform in the future

There are some incredible MFT solutions available on the marketplace that are sure to provide all the file transfer features you need—without breaking the bank or being time-consuming to migrate to. This includes GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer, a secure, user-friendly solution that received 1st place in the March 2021 Info-Tech MFT Category Report.

Read the MFT Category Report

Try a Simple, Powerful Solution that Lets You Go (Any) Where You Want

Simplicity in a managed file transfer solution is great, but so is power. GoAnywhere MFT offers both in one robust, affordable package. If you’re stretched thin on your current managed file transfer solution, you might want to take GoAnywhere for a test spin! Here’s why:

Why GoAnywhere?

GoAnywhere is a secure managed file transfer solution that’s been a trusted and favorite cybersecurity addition in the toolbox of thousands of organizations worldwide. We support businesses of all sizes, including SMBs (Small-to-Medium Businesses) and enterprise-level organizations, in all industries. Our users include Woolrich, Northwestern University, Kansas City Public Schools, MLC Life Insurance, and the Bank of Tennessee.

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How quickly can I migrate to and implement GoAnywhere?

We know migrating from one solution to another can be intimidating. Data and file transfers must be migrated from one solution to another, which can be a big time commitment—so we’ve gone ahead and made it easy!

Depending on the solution you’re migrating from, most vendor credentials and transfer specs can be quickly imported into GoAnywhere. In addition, by using variables in your GoAnywhere transfer projects, the number of file transfers that need to be configured is often reduced to a fraction of the number required in a previous solution.

Most users migrate to and set up GoAnywhere in just a few days. The learning curve is short, the software is intuitive, and all updates that happen post-implementation are a breeze. You can do it all yourself, too—no vendor assistance needed!

As for file transfers, most jobs are created and run in less than 10 minutes. Batch jobs can kick off, process, and be completed in minutes. Workflows for automation can be created through a drag-and-drop interface without requiring programming or scripting knowledge.

Watch the video to learn more about fast workflow creation:

How often is GoAnywhere updated?

GoAnywhere stays two steps ahead of industry trends. The development team adds new features and enhancements frequently to make sure the software follows compliance and industry requirements, as well as meets the needs and requests of our customers.

For example, in the last year, GoAnywhere has added many exciting enhancements to its software, including support for EDIFACT and X12 EDI file translation, the ability to connect to PeSIT servers, a brand-new data mapping tool, additional options for multi-factor authentication (MFA), and cloud integrations for popular services like Salesforce, SharePoint, Google Drive, and JIRA.

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Can GoAnywhere scale to fit my needs?

GoAnywhere supports file transfers of any size, volume, and frequency. It can also integrate with popular cloud and web services to help streamline your processes in one place.

What platforms does GoAnywhere support?

The real question is, which platform/OS would you like to run GoAnywhere on?

Our software is 100% platform agnostic, meaning you can run it virtually anywhere, including on-premises, in the cloud, or within a hybrid environment, as well as on all flavors of OS: Linux, Windows, AIX, UNIX, Docker, Mac, VMware, IBM i, etc. The sky is the limit.

Take GoAnywhere for a Spin! It’s Easy to Do and Completely Risk Free

Download a 30-day trial of GoAnywhere MFT to explore the solution’s features, resources, cost-savings, and benefits for yourself. You may be surprised and delighted by what you find!

Download GoAnywhere Trial

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