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Pair Clearswift DLP with GoAnywhere MFT to Elevate your Cybersecurity Stance

GoAnywhere MFT + Clearswift

Many organizations have secure file transfer requirements, whether compliance-related, or simply as good business practice, to protect the privacy and security of critical organizational, customer, or trading partner information. Simply encrypting this content, however, is not enough in today’s ever-changing cybersecurity environment.

HelpSystems’ security suite offers a wide range of options to protect business-critical data with automated solutions to help organizations stay ahead of evolving threats. Recently the HelpSystems cybersecurity portfolio was expanded with the addition of Clearswift solutions, trusted by organizations across the globe for advanced content threat protection and the highest level of defense against breaches through today’s digital communication channels.

What is Clearswift A-DLP?

Clearswift products offer technology which supports a straightforward and adaptive data loss prevention (A-DLP) solution. They are designed to prevent business interruption while simultaneously enabling organizations to gain more visibility and take tighter control of their critical information. The technology also helps meet compliance requirements such as PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA on any operating system.

Clearswift A-DLP provides:

  • Data Redaction: Replaces sensitive text with a series of asterisks to protect PII, PCI, HIPPA, and sensitive information from being received or sent out.
  • Document sanitization: Removes metadata from documents, such as track changes, author information, digital signatures, etc.
  • Structural sanitization: Detects and removes active code from emails and attachments to help prevent advanced persistent threats.
  • Optical character recognition: This feature can detect text in images that can be contained in scanned documents and can redact them.

Why Use Adaptive DLP?

A-DLP offers the unique ability to remove only the sensitive information and malicious content passing in and out of the network, without the need for human intervention, delays, and quarantines. Good information gets through and bad or malicious content can be stopped, redacted, and/or sanitized. The solution does so without flagging numerous crippling false positives that can quickly overwhelm IT departments.

Data Visibility Provides Content Oversight

Sensitive data can be hidden throughout your business – data you do not want leaked to others. Clearswift products monitor this information before it leaves your organization through email, websites, social media, managed file transfer (MFT), and various cloud apps, scanning more than 250 layers deep in order to thoroughly review and protect content. These solutions provide a disruption-free and true content-aware approach to protecting the unauthorized loss of sensitive data. While traditional solutions can “stop and block” questionable data transfers, A-DLP automatically applies the optimal security treatment based on specific data content, context and required regulation policy. This includes real-time redaction, encryption, blocking or deleting.

When paired with the GoAnywhere MFT solution, organizations gain an additional layer of protection to their data transfers. GoAnywhere gives organizations a secure, dashboard-friendly way to protect file transfers both in transit and at rest with encryption, automation, and workflow management capabilities.

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