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What is Drummond Certification?

Drummond Certification: What is it?

The Drummond Group is a third-party certification body that certifies software products and solutions to ensure a given solution does what it says it will. A security solution that goes through their extensive certification process earns the right to add the Drummond-certified distinction to its product details.

When it comes to file transfer solutions, interoperability and security are high priorities and the Drummond Group’s certification can help give customers greater assurance in those arenas.

Why Does Drummond Certification Matter?

If your file transfer solution utilizes applicability statements AS2 or AS4, Drummond Certification is a bonus in terms of knowing your solution has gone through thousands of protocol test scenarios in the Drummond Group’s vendor-neutral and controlled environment. The certification process uses full-matrix interoperability testing to verify that transactions maintain their security and integrity over the internet.

Organizations selecting Drummond-certified solutions can be confident that, as their digital operations increase, the software they use to exchange sensitive files with their trading partners and third parties are thoroughly vetted.

What is Applicability Statement 2 (AS2)?

The AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) protocol specification is used to transmit sensitive data securely and reliably over the internet. It’s an upgrade from the 1990-era protocol and supports the encryption of messages to be exchanged with trading partners and vendors via HTTPS.

What is Applicability Statement 4 (AS4)?

Applicability Statement 4 (AS4) is a newer security protocol designed to make it easier to use web services to exchange sensitive files. It’s becoming a more popular or desired choice by organizations as it offers more support for files of all types and sizes.

What is the Difference Between AS2 and AS4?

AS4 supports both uploads and downloads; AS2 is push-oriented, supporting uploads only. In addition, AS4 supports multiple attachments/payloads in a single transaction. The AS2 protocol is limited to a single file at a time. Check out the other similarities and differences below to see which protocol is best for your organization:

Table: What's the difference between AS2 and AS4?





Supports multiple attachments

Payload agnostic

Signing and encryption

Payload compression

S/MIME security

WS-Security standard

Works with web services

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Choosing Between AS2 and AS4?

Your choice of a managed file transfer solution should include consideration as to whether the software is Drummond-certified, for the most confidence in solution security, integrity and interoperability. GoAnywhere MFT, an enterprise-level secure managed file transfer solution, is Drummond-certified for both AS2 and AS4. The intensive testing process of the MFT solution underscores the need by organizations for protocols that are ever-more secure and interoperable.

See Drummond-certified MFT in Action

Take a 15-, 30- or 60-minute look at how a thoroughly vetted and tested managed file transfer solution can add the security and interoperability your organization needs for AS2- or AS4-compatible MFT.

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