AS4 (Applicability Statement 4) is a transfer protocol that helps to simplify and standardize the use of web services for Business-to-Business (B2B) data exchange and integration.

GoAnywhere MFT is Drummond Certified™ for both AS2 and AS4, which provides a high degree of assurance with security and compatibility to other AS2 or AS4 solutions.

What is AS4?


Like AS2, AS4 was originally created to securely transfer EDI documents, but it is payload agnostic and can be used to transmit virtually any file type. AS4 uses MIME and SOAP with attachments.

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AS4 messages can be compressed, signed, and encrypted, making AS4 a very secure option for transferring files. AS4 is designed to be a simplified conformance standard of the ebMS v3.0 specification, and document security is achieved by employing aspects of WS-Security (WSS), XML Encryption, and XML Digital Signatures.


AS4 Features in GoAnywhere MFT

  • File Attachments - GoAnywhere MFT is not limited to attaching just one file per AS4 message. You can attach multiple files to a message or use a variable to automatically attach files meeting your criteria.
  • Compression - Improves transmission time by reducing the size of your messages.
  • Digital Signatures - Ensure authenticity by digitally signing your messages. Most AS4 servers require signed incoming messages. Signed messages provide trading partners with confirmation of who sent the message.
  • Message Encryption - Encrypt all the messages you send to a trading partner with their public key. Together with Digital Signatures and Message Integrity Checks, message encryption keeps your data safe.
  • Signed Receipts - GoAnywhere MFT receives automatic message receipts through synchronous connections. Manual receipts through asynchronous email and HTTP/S URLs are also available. Receipts can be digitally signed, completing the secure AS4 message cycle.
  • Logging - Message logging in GoAnywhere MFT not only records standard AS4 "message traffic," but logs message date and time, who sent them, and what was sent.

AS4 Resources and Tasks

Configuring AS4 Resources (server connections) in GoAnywhere MFT saves time and provides additional security through separation of duties. A Resource Manager can configure an AS4 Resource for each trading partner. After a resource is defined, a Project Designer can create a task and just refer to the AS4 Resource without needing to know the confidential login credentials for a trading partner.

  • Enqueue Message Task - The Enqueue Message task creates a message and places that message in a predefined AS4 Message Channel. This message will be transmitted in response to a pull request.
  • Pull Task - The Pull task is used for sending pull requests. A pull request is a message sent to an AS4 trading partner, requesting that a message on a particular AS4 Message Channel be returned to this system.
  • Push Task - The Push task is used to transfer AS4 messages from this server to another AS4 server.
  • Send Error Task - The Send Error task sends an AS4 error message to an AS4 server in response to a User Message that is somehow flawed. This task is usually used in conjunction with an AS4 message pull to validate the contents of the message.
  • Send Receipt Task - The Send Receipt task creates a receipt for a User Message received from a pull request and transmits that receipt to a target AS4 server. This task is usually used in conjunction with a message pull to send a receipt back to the sender.

SSL/TLS Versions

  • SSL 2.0
  • SSL 3.0
  • TLS 1.0
  • TLS 1.1
  • TLS 1.2

Encryption Algorithms

  • AES-128
  • AES-192
  • AES-256
  • RC2
  • Triple DES (DESede)
  • Cast5
  • Idea

Authentication and Key Exchange Algorithms

  • Diffie-Hellman
  • DSA
  • RSA

Signature Algorithms

  • SHA-1
  • SHA-224
  • SHA-256
  • SHA-384
  • SHA-512

Certificate Key Store Formats

  • JKS (Java Key Store)
  • PKCS12

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