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You already own and love GoAnywhere

GoAnywhere MFT helps you move and share data securely, to meet critical trading partner and auditor requirements. But did you know HelpSystems offers a powerful data security suite to complement the secure managed file transfer that you get from GoAnywhere today?

Powerful Solutions to Pair with GoAnywhere

If you are benefiting from GoAnywhere today, consider exploring these additional solutions to bolster your data protection, on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. If you have questions, please contact us or reach out to your sales representative.

Adaptive-DLP and Deep Content Inspection

Clearswift ICAP Gateway

What it does: The Clearswift ICAP Gateway provides deep content inspection and adaptive data redaction to file transfers so that sensitive content can be stopped, blocked, or redacted as needed.

How it works with GoAnywhere: When using GoAnywhere to securely transfer attachments between trading partners using MFT, the ICAP Gateway integrates directly with GoAnywhere to intercept content when threat protection and DLP requirements exist, run rules, and either block the transmission if content cannot be sanitized, or sanitize the content and allow the transfer to continue.


Read the Story: How MFT and Secure ICAP Gateway Keep Government Services Secure

An unexpected need to provide citizens with a way to remotely submit forms, pay fees, and report crimes had one large government agency relying on GoAnywhere MFT and its expanded functionality when the COVID-19 pandemic closed their doors to the public. By adding Secure Forms to their installation, citizens were able to continue conducting “business as usual.” And, by incorporating the data loss protection and threat protection abilities of Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway the agency and its citizens benefited from the additional layer of automated security to all of the sensitive information that flows through it.

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Data Classification


What it does: Titus helps organizations classify, identify, and secure their sensitive data, across platforms, devices, and in the cloud. Machine learning helps automate the process.

How it works with GoAnywhere: Titus Data Classification works with GoAnywhere through the Clearswift ICAP gateway to look for classification tags and ensure data is being shared with appropriate individuals and organizations based on security policy. Organizational policy is both used to enforce appropriate sharing of data while also providing visibility for auditing and compliance purposes.

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Secure File Sharing and Digital Rights Management


What it does: Vera helps secure files in motion containing sensitive information. Organizations can enforce continuous compliance by tracking and auditing all access to secured files. If employee credentials are compromised, Vera can instantly revoke access. Security travels with data everywhere it goes, for always-on file security.

How it works with GoAnywhere: While GoAnywhere provides a secure mechanism to share data, Vera will enable organizations to ensure only the right recipients can view sensitive data. Vera provides organizations the ability to control who can view the data, what they can do with it, and revoke that access if appropriate.

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Why HelpSystems Data Security?

  • Data-Centric Security: Rather than protect a perimeter that no longer exists, our solutions focus on protecting the data itself
  • Expertise You Need: We understand the data security ecosystem and how to connect the dots between critical solutions in your infrastructure.
  • One Vendor: Centralize your data security needs from a single provider

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