Webinar: GoAnywhere MFT General Introduction

Introducing GoAnywhere MFT
Secure and Manage File Transfers
with the New GoAnywhere MFT

The new release of GoAnywhere MFT 5.0 is the next evolution in Managed File Transfer, allowing you to simplify, secure and automate your organization's file transfers and related workflows.

With GoAnywhere MFT, you no longer have to write scripts or use a disarray of tools to transfer files.

GoAnywhere MFT Administrator Dashboard

During this informative webinar, you will learn the key benefits and features in the new GoAnywhere MFT 5.0 release including:

  • An enhanced HTML5 browser interface with customizable dashboards
  • Simple drag-n-drop for creating file transfers and workflows quickly
  • Advanced reporting, including a new PCI DSS compliance report to validate security settings
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Antivirus with a new ICAP interface
  • Easier collaboration and simpler ad-hoc file transfers for end-users

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With featured speakers:

Bob Luebbe, Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] Steve Luebbe, Linoma Software [now HelpSystems]
Bob Luebbe
Chief Architect
Steve Luebbe
Software Development Mgr.
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