GoAnywhere Services 3.4 Provides Better Security, Easier File Sharing

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The latest 3.4 release of GoAnywhere Services is available with more security and file sharing enhancements. In this webinar, Chief Architect Bob Luebbe and his development team take you on a tour of these exciting new features:

  • Auto-synchronization of users with Active Directory (AD) and LDAP servers
  • Automatic encryption of files stored on disk
  • Ability to let Web Users share folders and files with others
  • Allow Secure Mail recipients to reply with their own message and files
  • Certified delivery, requiring recipients to register before accessing a package
  • Address book for storing frequently used contacts and group email addresses
  • Inbox for reading and working with any incoming Secure Mail Packages
  • Multilingual web client supporting Spanish, German, French and Japanese
  • Email alerts to get notified for SSL certs expiring, low memory, etc.
  • Several user interface enhancements for administrators and end-users

You will also get tips on how to successfully upgrade your installation of GoAnywhere Services to the latest release.