Webinar: GoAnywhere Services with Virtual Folders and Clustering

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Recording On Demand

GoAnywhere Services has received many significant new enhancements over the last several months including Virtual Folders, Clustering and Load Balancing. Driven by customer feedback, this secure FTP server continues to evolve with more "enterprise-level" features to satisfy the most demanding environments.

During this informative webinar you will learn about the new features that were released in versions 3.0 and 3.1 of GoAnywhere Services including

  • Clustering multiple systems to provide "active-active" high availability
  • Load balancing workloads using GoAnywhere Gateway
  • Assigning one or more folders to individual and group user accounts
  • Granting permissions to folders and files, along with virtual "aliases"
  • Connecting to network shares using SMB/CIFS protocol
  • Promoting (copying) user accounts and triggers between installations
  • Allowing your users to invite others to join
  • Assigning multiple SSH keys to trading partner accounts
  • Managing logs with better purging and archiving settings
  • Automating user account creation from your applications

You will also get tips on how to successfully upgrade your current GoAnywhere Services installation to the latest release.