Latin American Company Secures and Automates Critical Data with GoAnywhere MFT Solution

Industry: Manufacturing

Working in a burgeoning plastic cards market, General Plastic Corp S.A. (GPC) in Latin America discovered an increased need for automation and streamlined workflows to help maintain the data security and audit capability of their business information. At first, they relied on manual methods to process sensitive data, but these homegrown mechanisms hindered their ability to scale and deliver goods on-time.

After considering a variety of options to solve this problem, GPC worked with partner Green Light Technology to choose GoAnywhere MFT for its Advanced Workflows module.

Benefit #1: Improved Auditing Capabilities

Advanced Workflows allowed them to improve their auditing capabilities and connectivity, reduce the possibility of human error, and eliminate the need for manual processes.

For GPC IT Manager Gaston Bruno, finding GoAnywhere was a dream come true. "GoAnywhere … represents a critical technical component for our PCI environment. [It enables] a secure and automated platform, preventing human errors and reducing OPEX."

GoAnywhere MFT, paired with the Advanced Workflows, has allowed GPC to automate their data exchange processes, encrypt and run file transfers, and even schedule transfers at prescribed dates and times. The product also ensures the security of data, both in transit and at rest, which has helped GPC remain compliant with critical laws and regulations.

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GPC uses GoAnywhere MFT and Advanced Workflows to monitor folders for and automatically process new files. Their IT team found that GoAnywhere’s browser-based interface was very easy to use as well, especially with the on-site support services GoAnywhere offers.

Benefit #2: Reduced Time and Human Error

Implementing GoAnywhere has also enabled GPC to reduce the time they spend tracking files to destinations and archive folders, verifying further processing, and deleting older files. The reduction of human error and elimination of manual processes had brought enormous value to GPC.

Jaime Penagos, Regional Manager of Green Light Technology, was positive about the changes GoAnywhere MFT brought to GPC. "It is clear that GPC S.A. has found in GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows a solid standard for automated integration of processes through its fully secure and easy to use features."

And the customer support? When asked, GPC’s IT Manager said their team found the on-site support from Green Light Technology and GoAnywhere to be second to none.

You can learn more about General Plastic Corp. S.A. by visiting their website.


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