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GoAnywhere Delivers on a Secure File Transfer Solution for Large Transportation Entity

Industry: Logistics/Transportation

A large North American transportation entity, responsible for transporting billions of goods each year – from consumer goods to manufactured products – relies on GoAnywhere to transport their millions of files in a similar and safe fashion.

Challenge: Meeting Partner Expectations for File Transfer Security

As a leader in North American transportation and logistics, this organization relies in large part on secure, fast data delivery and exchanges with their many trading partners to ensure operations continue smoothly every day,

The number and variety of partners they work with each day means that there is also a wide variance in the types of security requirements the company needs to satisfy. While GoAnywhere was already in place when the software administrator was hired, he pointed out that the robust managed file transfer system was originally implemented in response to partner demands for better security. “We used to use old-school methods like scripting and FTP to transfer our files. But our partners were increasingly looking for a solution with more secure protocols,” he said.

The small IT team manages the MFT application, including deploying projects and defining the specs and resources around file transfers between partners and other external contacts. They handle about 1.5 million file transfers each week, with the size and scope of files varying by department.

Remote and New Users Appreciate MFT’s Ease of Use

During the COVID-19 crisis, more company users were working remotely, including a number of people who had previously not used the GoAnywhere MFT solution, or didn’t have authentication to use certain modules to securely transfer files. “We’ve found GoAnywhere to be intuitive and easy to learn the framework of projects,” said the administrator. “The documentation is very comprehensive. We had some features that are not enabled for some individuals that needed to be activated quickly to allow secure, automated file transfers to occur from unsecure locations, such as employees’ homes. When we invite a new user, we also now produce a personal user guide to handle the processes they are charged with, as a subset of GoAnywhere’s user’s guide,” he added.

“GoAnywhere has made it easy to do the configuration and assign inbound projects within the parameters of the program as the program allows us to do so with the staff we have. We’ve also really appreciated the ease of use and in setting up Advanced Workflows.”

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GoAnywhere Offers File Security and Delivers Peace of Mind

While the transportation industry does not specifically impose any compliance regulations in regard to file transfers, the company’s internal security team requires the use of state-of-the-art security protocols for both internal and external use. “Some partners have such stringent security requirements that we have actually been quicker than we might otherwise have been to upgrade to newer versions of GoAnywhere as it can easily meet those requirements,” remarked the administrator.

“Using GoAnywhere helps our partner relationships, as we can assure them that we are indeed using the strictest security protocols around file transfers.” In addition to meeting existing partner and internal security expectations, the team plans to maximize their use of GoAnywhere’s capabilities by taking advantage of JSON and RESTful web services along with Cloud Connectors for further integration with other applications.

No More Monday Morning Headaches

Things have changed over the years since GoAnywhere has been in place. “We no longer face huge backlogs of pending failed file transfers on Monday mornings,” noted the administrator. “We used to have to spend many hours on Monday contacting partners and resending failed files.” With GoAnywhere, the system automatically retries to send in the rare case of a failed file transfer and, after a set number of tries, it alerts the user,” he added. “This function alone has saved us many hours of staff time over the years and the team can now focus on other important things.”

Asked what advice he would give to a peer seeking a more secure file transfer method, the administrator said, “With GoAnywhere, they would be a happier person and 100-percent covered with any security requirements. Secondly, they would appreciate the ease of use of the product.”

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