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Industry: Retail/Manufacturing

In the 1830s, John Rich made his way traveling from logging camp to logging camp selling fabrics, socks, coverlets and yarn from the back of a mule cart. In the almost nineteen decades since that time, the company he cofounded, Woolrich, grew from a single mill to an international corporation with mill, retail, catalog, internet, and licensing divisions.

Those years have brought about significant changes in the business landscape. Today, it’s not enough for a business to make sure its products are good and customers are steady. Businesses must also contend with the global marketplace, and mandated regulations that come about due to the proliferation of technology and those who would sabotage it.

Enabling Compliance

Because of these modern conditions, Woolrich found it needed a solution that would enable it to be PCI DSS compliant, and that solution needed to be flexible enough to work with their trading partners' guidelines. Said David Yorks, MIS Manager at Woolrich, “We have a third party that we are transferring information back and forth with, and they were using PGP encryption. Mainly, what we were looking for was a software package that could perform PGP encryption on the System i.”

“Once we had GoAnywhere in place, it seemed like a different world opened up for us, because we’re finding other places where we can use it.”

David Yorks
MIS Manager

 After evaluating some of the packages available, Yorks and his team settled on GoAnywhere MFT, a file management and encryption solution from Fortra. “There were a few factors that determined which company we chose," he said. "One of them was how easy it was to work with the people at [HelpSystems].”

Extending Value

In addition to Open PGP encryption, Woolrich recognized there were other ways GoAnywhere could benefit the organization. “Once we had the software in place, it seemed like a different world opened up for us, because now we’re finding other places where we can use it.”

GoAnywhere can meet any file transfer need. See what it can do.

“For instance, we have also been able to transfer encrypted information to our health insurance provider. Before, we were using software on a PC to do it, and it was pretty cumbersome. Since our data resides on the System i, we were downloading files to the PC, encrypting it, then sending it out. Now, the person can just select an option on the menu and it does it all. For that person, it’s saving quite a bit of time and work,” Yorks explained.

It doesn’t end there. Woolrich is also beginning to use GoAnywhere to communicate with other business partners. “We’re also transferring all of our payroll information to the bank, and we will use the encryption and FTP software to do that," Yorks added. "Really, for what we’re doing, the encryption and the FTP, GoAnywhere works well, and it does everything we’ve wanted it to do so far."

You can learn more about Woolrich by visiting their website.

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