GoDrive File Sync & Sharing

Learn how GoDrive, an on-premises file sync and sharing software, makes it easy to collaborate efficiently.


GoDrive is your Enterprise File Sync and Sharing solution. All of your users' documents, images, videos, and sensitive files are stored on your network and automatically sync to each of your users' connected devices, allowing them to safely access files from anywhere.

Users can access GoDrive from the secure HTTPS web client, through the desktop GoDrive sync client for Mac and Windows, or through their iOS or Android mobile devices. Using the secure web client, employees can easily upload files by dragging and dropping them directly into GoDrive. Once uploaded, files are automatically secured end to end with AES 256 bit encryption on every device the file is synced to. Users can share files with multiple recipients and set file permissions on the file and folder share. The recipient can be made an owner of the file, an editor, a contributor, or limited to read only access. Recipients of shared files are automatically notified by email or through the desktop sync clients. Users can decide to receive email alerts when other users work with shared files and folders. This helps keep your employees current on any group activity with the files and folders that are shared.

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Files can be organized by dragging them to their destination directory. Easily search all files and folders in a GoDrive workspace, including those shared by others. Comments can be added to files or folders and can be viewed by other users who have access to the shared item. Version Control tracks document updates and allows previous versions to be restored. When files get deleted to the trash bin, users can restore them to their original directory. Immediate Viewer displays previews for all popular media types. Users can share or download files directly from the viewer.

GoDrive wouldn't be complete without the GoDrive sync client for desktop operating systems. When files are copied to GoDrive, they're instantly synchronized with the Windows or Mac OS X GoDrive sync client and available from the GoDrive folder on the user's desktop. These files can be restricted to online access, or offline access can be allowed with a password. Users can also access their files from GoDrive apps on iOS or Android mobile devices. The contents of the users' GoDrive files can be previewed when connected to the server, or selected files can be synced to the device for offline access. Popular media file types and Microsoft Office documents can be viewed directly from the apps, and any files deleted from the app can be restored from the trash bin in the web client.

Administrators have total control over GoDrive. Every transaction that occurs in GoDrive is recorded to a log for your security and auditing purposes. GoAnywhere can integrate with antivirus solutions to block files that may contain malware. Users can be created in GoAnywhere or be synced with LDAP or Active Directory. Every device that connects to GoDrive can be approved through the administrator, which also has the ability to remote wipe GoDrive contents from lost or stolen devices.

GoDrive is a cost effective and scalable on-premises file sharing and collaboration solution for your enterprise and is a licensed module of go anywhere MFT. Start a free full-feature trial that includes 5 complimentary GoDrive user accounts today.


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