SFT Threat Protection Demo

See how you can share information securely in this quick two-minute demo video


Sharing files securely is key to smooth business operations – and now it’s easier than ever with the SFT Threat Protection Bundle. By combining the power of Managed File Transfer with our Secure ICAP Gateway, you can transfer files without fear of threats or data leakage. This two-minute demo video shows how this bundle can:

  • Prevent malware from being shared
  • Block files with sensitive data from being shared
  • Redact sensitive information and remove sensitive links

To learn more, check out the SFT Threat Protection page or download the datasheet.

Need to Secure Your File Transfers Better?

The MFT Threat Protection bundle helps you protect critical data across all points in and out of your organization. We’d love to talk to you about your needs and see if the bundle is a good fit for you.

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