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The Web Client in GoAnywhere MFT is a modern browser-based interface allowing employees, customers, and trading partners the ability to easily exchange files on an ad hoc basis. The Web Client provides methods to safely and securely transfer files inside and outside of the network.

With Secure Folders, users can access authorized files and folders on the network, and other file systems through the convenience of their browser. Files are transferred quickly between the user's desktop and your organization over the secure HTTPS protocol. Since files and Secure Folders are stored on a standard file system, they can be accessed by back-end applications and programs.

The Web Client also allows employees to use Secure Mail to quickly send confidential messages and files using the convenience of email and the security of HTTPS. When an email is sent with Secure Mail, the message and attachments are automatically encrypted and stored on your server. GoAnywhere MFT then sends an email notification to the recipient with a link to the encrypted message and files. This link allows the user to download the message and files over a secure HTTPS connection, directly from your server.

The message and files can also be password protected for extra security. Secure Mail can also be sent through Microsoft outlook using a plugin. With Secure Mail you can also request files to be sent to you by emailing the recipient a link where they can add file attachments and respond to you.

Secure Forms is another feature of the Web Client that enables administrators to create custom forms for end users to submit information and optionally upload files to your organization. When a user submits a Secure Form, the information and files they supply are processed by GoAnywhere's automated workflows that can place the information into a database, translate the files, send email notifications and other processing. The workflow can also return files to the secure form for the user to download.

Finally, there's GoDrive, the enterprise file sync and sharing feature. All your users’ documents, images, videos and sensitive files are stored on your network and are automatically synced to each of your users connected devices, allowing safe on-the-go access from smart phones, laptops, and tablets. When a file is uploaded to GoDrive, users can view the file from the media viewer, share it, leave a comment or restore previous versions. Users can also search for files and folders, and retrieve deleted files and folders from the trash bin.

No matter which file sharing feature you use, the Web Client is always monitoring and logging file activity, and makes reports available to both the end user and administrators. Each feature can be enabled and configured by your administrators through the GoAnywhere MFT browser-based portal.

The Web Client can be branded with your organization's logos and messages and supports eight language translations. Administrators can also specify granular file and folder permissions, set disc quotas, enabled disc encryption, keep track of user activity, or even kick off additional automated processes based on user events.

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