Solution Suggestion for Our File Transfer Requirements

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Solution suggestion for our file transfer requirements

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Hi [add stakeholder(s) here],

I’ve been evaluating a solution called GoAnywhere for the past [add timeline here]. GoAnywhere is a secure managed file transfer solution from HelpSystems that can help our company automate and encrypt file transfers between our internal network, trading partners, and customers.

To date, I’ve evaluated several solutions in the marketspace and have determined GoAnywhere to be the best for our file transfer needs. I’ve sat in on a demo, evaluated a trial, read reviews from multiple sites, and looked at pricing, and I believe this solution will best be able to [add benefits for your specific organization here] for our company.

I’ve attached documents that provide an overview of GoAnywhere. You’ll find what we’ve been quoted for GoAnywhere, as well as the benefits I saw during the trial, and what we can expect the ROI of this solution to be for us over the next 12 months.

Let me know what you think. The team is excited about GoAnywhere and are ready to implement whenever you give us the green light. HelpSystems can also help us migrate our processes to GoAnywhere if we want to expedite the project.

Best regards,

[Your name & signature here]