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What is Open PGP Encryption?

Open PGP, also sometimes known as GPG, is a popular encryption standard that protects the privacy and integrity of sensitive files. Open PGP uses public key cryptography to implement strong security for any data that must be exchanged with trading partners, employees, customers, and enterprise servers.

By implementing Open PGP, you can:


Encrypt and decrypt files

Sign & Verify

Sign files and verify digital signatures

Audit Logs

Generate audit logs of Open PGP processes

Who uses Open PGP?

Banks, financial institutions, healthcare providers, retail organizations, or anyone who works in a highly regulated industry and needs to meet specific data security requirements for encryption.

Open PGP & GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure file transfer solution that provides IT admins with the security, auditing, and user management functionality they need to safeguard and simplify daily file transfer tasks. GoAnywhere can help eliminate the legacy scripts, single-function tools, and manual processes that were traditionally needed to move files between locations.

Using Open PGP, GoAnywhere can automate file encryption and decryption across your enterprise. Once they’re encrypted, the files can be transferred immediately or scheduled to run at future dates and times. You can also set GoAnywhere to automatically monitor and retrieve encrypted Open PGP files that are placed on other servers.

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Open PGP Features for MFT

Built-in Open PGP Key Manager that can create, import, export, and view key pairs

Support for role-based permissions and admin access to critical security settings

Deployable on-premises, in the cloud, and within hybrid environments for various OS

Use of email alerts for when Open PGP keys are close to expiring

“GoAnywhere MFT is super easy and flexible. Able to create and test brand new file transfers in a couple of hours. Transfer un-encrypted and encrypted files over SFTP. Took only minutes to set up program to encrypt files using PGP. Import both internal and external images into our imaging system automatically without manual intervention. Best of all we easily have set up notifications through email to notify the appropriate people when a scheduled project has run and whether it ran successfully or not.”

–George Moisant III, The Grey Insurance Company