For product specific questions please visit the following FAQs:
GoAnywhere MFT FAQ
GoAnywhere Gateway FAQ

What is GoAnywhere?

GoAnywhere is an innovative solution for automating data movement, translation, encryption and compression within the enterprise. With GoAnywhere's intuitive interface and comprehensive functionality, you can easily streamline and secure the exchange of data with your customers, trading partners and internal servers.

On which platforms can GoAnywhere be installed?

The GoAnywhere products can be installed onto Windows, Linux (SUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu), IBM i (iSeries), IBM p (AIX), IBM z (Mainframe), UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris), and Mac OS X platforms.

Can GoAnywhere run in a VMware virtual environment?

Yes. Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] is a VMware Elite Technology Alliance Partner. All GoAnywhere products have been tested and verified to run in a VMware virtualized environment. These products have been awarded the “VMware Ready” logo.

Do I need to load any software on my PC?

No. All GoAnywhere functions are server-centric.

Is GoAnywhere considered a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution?

Absolutely. GoAnywhere is a comprehensive and secure MFT solution. One of the core benefits of GoAnywhere is its ability to automate and manage file transfers including database transfers, FTP and Secure FTP transfers, HTTP(S) transfers, sending AS2 messages and email transfers. Transfers can be executed and controlled from a centralized GoAnywhere installation with detailed logging and auditing reports.

Can you provide me with reference accounts?

Yes. We would be happy to provide you with the contact information for some customers that are using GoAnywhere. Check out the numerous customer testimonials and case studies on our web site.

What are GoAnywhere's support hours?

GoAnywhere provides toll-free and email support from 7am to 6pm (CDT), Monday through Friday. On-line support is also provided on this Web site. Emergency (off-hours) support is available to customers who are on active maintenance agreements. Contact your sales representative to get a copy of GoAnywhere's support policy.

Do you offer professional services for GoAnywhere products?

Yes. GoAnywhere users can get expert help from our product specialists in the following areas: product training, project consulting, integration and configuration, upgrades and conversions, and migration assistance. You can learn more about these offerings on our professional services page.

Do I have to purchase a license for my Disaster Recovery (DR) machine?

Yes, but a Disaster Recovery license is discounted 50%. Maintenance is calculated at 20% of the net license price after the 50% discount.

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