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IDBS Bank Ltd

"We quickly noted that GoAnywhere MFT, in addition to its ease of use and the attractive price, helped us to save precious time in data extractions phases and to guarantee more efficient, automated and secure transfers."

"Because GoAnywhere was so simple to implement and configure and the documentation was more than sufficient, we saved the additional costs of implementation services. The competing solutions required weeks to implement. GoAnywhere was fully installed, tested and put into production in a few days."

Serge Arnone, IT Manager IDBS

Dorel juvenile group

"We originally purchased GoAnywhere MFT because we had a piece of software that wrote to a SQL database that we could call from the AS/400. We were upgrading to SQL2005 and the software was not compatible. GoAnywhere MFT is compatible with SQL2005 and could be installed on various platforms including the AS/400. Since purchasing GoAnywhere, we find new and creative uses for the software to solve our everyday problems related to securely moving data. It's the 1st tool we turn to when we have new file transfer requirements."

Steve Kriegel, Dorel Juvenile Group USA

MassArt Logo

"We purchased GoAnywhere MFT last summer. It is probably the most valuable application we've purchased in the last several years. It fills a niche for us and it does it quite well. We're still only using a fraction of the functionality, but it has allowed us to eliminate countless homegrown scripts that were on a variety of systems, and it also serves as the glue that keeps our homegrown identity management system functioning.

On top of a great product - your support is excellent! We had one serious functionality problem earlier this year and your support team stuck with us. They managed to get a patch rolled into v2.0 which solved the problem, even though it wasn't technically GoAnywhere's fault - it was a badly behaving FTP server. We'd be happy to share our experience with GoAnywhere MFT and Linoma Software if anyone wants."

Eric Bird, MassArt

"GoAnywhere MFT makes it easy to extract data from any Database. The project-based methodology and architecture in GoAnywhere expedited the process of defining and implementing the data processes I needed to perform. GoAnywhere integrates the extraction, encryption and distribution of information very simply."

Jaime Penagos, Green Light Technology

"GoAnywhere MFT allowed us to eliminate and reduce the need for custom programming to transfer files and database records between dissimilar database management systems.

We found GoAnywhere to be highly intuitive, flexible, and easy to use. Currently, we are using GoAnywhere to pump database records between MS SQL 2005 and DB2. We are also using GoAnywhere to centralize, automate, and securely transfer files between our Intel and System i platform via SFTP (SSH). GoAnywhere is additionally helpful for database importing and exporting of CSV files.

The customer support from Linoma Software has been outstanding. Whenever we had a question or issue, Linoma was able to answer right away and provide us with a solution."

Van N. Sy, Think Bank - Case Study

"Prior to GoAnywhere MFT, we had to manually download our deposit files from Wells Fargo's HTTPS server on a daily basis. Now with GoAnywhere, we have scheduled those files to be downloaded automatically, which it then imports into a database on our System i server. All of the manual steps were eliminated!

We were able to get an automated system up and running quickly, which can be easily adjusted for any schedule changes. The customer service at Linoma Software has also been wonderful. I would definitely recommend GoAnywhere and Linoma's support staff to anyone."

Barbara Bularzik, Monterey Mushrooms, Inc.

Service Lloyds Insurance Company Logo

"I can't believe GoAnywhere MFT can do so much! Is it okay to be this excited about a software product? GoAnywhere has simplified and automated transfers that were taking us countless hours to manage. You've helped us immensely with a great product and support and we appreciate it. Thanks Linoma!"

Joann Assawamatiyanont, Service Lloyds Insurance Company

Scolari's Logo

"GoAnywhere MFT is very easy to use and powerful.  I'm impressed with what it is able to do with minimal time to create projects."

Debbie De Groff, Scolari's Food & Drug Company

"GoAnywhere MFT is the most remarkable product I have ever used. I am the only RPG programmer in my shop and the amount of code that I have to write to interface other software and machinery to the AS/400 is very time consuming and can get very overwhelming on a day to day basis. Since the purchase of GoAnywhere the amount of code I have had to write in the past has dramatically dropped but the efficiency of getting the proper data has been nothing less than unbelievable. Other than the actual software the Sales and Tech support is the best in the business. I have never used a product that I would rave about to other programmers or IBM Business partners but with GoAnywhere I try to tell everyone I know about it."

Raymond Murray, Schumann Printers, Inc.

Woolrich Logo

"Once we had GoAnywhere MFT in place, it seemed like a different world opened up for us because now we're finding other places where we can use it. For instance, we have also been able to transfer encrypted information to our health insurance provider. Before, we were using software on a PC to do it, and it was pretty cumbersome. Since our data resides on the System i, we were downloading files to the PC, encrypting it, then sending it out. Now, the person can just select an option on the menu and it does it all. For that person, it's saving quite a bit of time and work."

David Yorks, Woolrich - Case Study

Boise Cascade Trucking LLC Logo

"First off, I'd like to tell you folks how pleased I am with the GoAnywhere product. I just started using GoAnywhere MFT late last week and have already put several GoAnywhere Projects into production. After a short learning curve, I was able to really get going with GoAnywhere. What I really like is GoAnywhere's ability to plug CL and RPG-generated variables into the body of an email so that system-generated emails don't have to be sent as attachments. In addition, your template setup is going to cut out a lot of the CL code we've had to use for retrieving and importing files from remote hosts. We're looking forward to trying out the XML options in GoAnywhere too as we will be incorporating them into an upcoming project.

Thanks so much, both for a great product and for greater support!"

Sandra Kopp, Boise Cascade Trucking LLC

"You are amazing! I have become a huge fan of GoAnywhere MFT. We are going live today and one GoAnywhere project will replace many vendor interfaces in the future starting with the 8 interfaces that are going in production today. Your support is extraordinary and I would give you 10 out of 10 in terms of satisfaction. Support was able to get me through the issues I encountered and I appreciate the quick response from your developers in addressing my request to increase the parameters on the RUNPROJECT command. Thanks!"

Ajay Bhojane, The Shaw Group Inc.

American Management Corp. Logo

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with getting us moved over to GoAnywhere MFT. Your support team does an excellent job! You are very attentive to your customers and that means a lot! I would definitely recommend your product to anyone, not just because it is a great product, but also because you can count on having the support when you need it. You are excellent!!"

Linda Humbert, American Management Corporation