GoAnywhere MFT & ICAP


GoAnywhere provides an easy way to share information with your collaboration partners. Whether it is through FTP, FTPS, SFTP, or HTTPS, files can be easily exchanged through a managed and automated process with centralized control.

But what happens if a user exposes the wrong information, or malware is sent from a trusted partner? GoAnywhere can easily integrate with third party ICAP inspection solutions to mitigate the risk of mistakenly exposing critical information, or letting malware spread through corporate resources. Clearswift offers unique content inspection technology that can be easily integrated into the data path so that files are decomposed and analyzed to identify advanced malware threats and any trace of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, personally identifiable information, healthcare information, intellectual property, and other types of sensitive information. Clearswift's secure ICAP gateway understands both the content and context of the communication to enforce granular adaptive data loss prevention policies as well as doing an in-depth anti-malware analysis.

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In a typical GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer implementation, you would use automated workflows to immediately process files from collaboration partners. Using GoAnywhere's ICAP connector, you can naturally integrate the in-depth analysis by the Clearswift secure ICAP gateway into existing workflows. To protect users from opening weaponized documents that contain viruses, you can configure GoAnywhere to monitor the FTP, FTPS, SFTP, or HTTPS folders your collaboration partners are using. When a new file is received, GoAnywhere automatically executes a workflow that sends the file to the Clearswift ICAP solution. This scans the files and applies redaction and sanitization policies to files where sensitive information or malware is detected. It then sends the safe version of the files back to GoAnywhere, which in turn carries out the next step of the process. This can be carried out whether the files are being sent or received. GoAnywhere can also move files to a quarantine folder, delete a file, notify administrators, or take other preventative actions based on the policies created.

Automation keeps the organization safe, with policies applied before the recipient opens the file and causes damage to the business. For more information or to schedule a live demonstration, contact a HelpSystems sales representative.

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