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MFT Helps Strengthen Business Relationships

Business person shown securing files

Business Depends on Trusted Relationships

This trust impacts not just relationships with people, but also with information: private, sensitive, timely, accurate, priceless data that is literally the lifeblood of the business that we obtain daily from our trusting customers and vendors, and that is exchanged with our trusted business partners. Trust in this secure collaboration is key.

Provide Safety and Security in an Uncertain World

Of concern is how information is being exchanged. Too often, business leaders get stuck in the mindset of sending sensitive business information by email and if the file is too big, perhaps by FTP. Of course, neither of these methods are safe and secure.

As businesses grow and information relationships become more complex, how do we know who with the organization is sending what data to which partners? And, who is actually receiving it? As the demand for data exchange increases, so does the complexity and risk of managing all of these processes.

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Technology Risks in Real World Relationships

This increased complexity, including working in a hybrid IT environment, exponentially increases the chance of some information getting sent to the wrong place at the wrong time or being accessed by the wrong people. If this happens, state laws and good business practice requires disclosure of the data breach to customers and trading partners, undermining the established trust and relationships so carefully built up with clients and partners.

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As business processes continue to become more regulated and complex, compliance requirements become more stringent, and cloud applications more common, it is critical that data exchanges are improved and made more secure.

Software Solutions for Secure File Transfers

Controlling and automating data exchanges can be greatly simplified and secured by implementing a managed file transfer (MFT) system. The good news is that it isn't too difficult with the right tools. MFT solutions are available to provide powerful, yet simple, ways to address these challenges. Secure file transfer and encrypted file transfer capabilities protect the data that is often the lifeblood of a company.

Organizations that can earn and maintain the trust of their customers and trading partners not only through their business interactions, but also by the way they respect and protect their data exchanges, will be the trusted leaders in today's global business environment.

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