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The Top Tips for Optimizing File Transfer Productivity

File Transfer Productivity

The Top Two Tips for Optimizing File Transfer Productivity

Transferring data securely from point A to point B is a non-negotiable for most organizations. However, that doesn’t mean that the process needs to be tedious. Don’t get bogged down by old file transfer methods that are slow and unreliable. Rather, optimize your productivity with the following tips:

Tip 1: Streamline Repetitive Tasks with Automation

Streamlining is the process of simplifying and/or eliminating unnecessary repetitive tasks in order to improve the efficiency of key processes within organizations. Streamlining has many benefits including increased cost efficiency, improved productivity and communication, better time management, and minimization of risk. There are several ways to streamline a repetitive process, but the best approach is to utilize modern technology like file transfer automation.

File transfer automation is a powerful tool, as it allows IT departments to pivot away from the cumbersome tasks that surround file transfer and instead focus on more strategic and significant projects. Automation allows you to manage recurring or high-volume file transfers, all while reducing or eliminating manual data processing. With automatic file transfer, you can schedule when files should be sent or retrieved between systems, users, trading partners, applications, or the cloud.

However, file transfer automation can be more than just a file moving tool and often includes features built to simplify the day-to-day. Key automation solutions can monitor folders both on-premises or in the cloud, send you emails and SMS alerts when triggered events occur, and test and debug your automatic file transfer workflows.

Automating your projects and running workflows back-to-back is essential to file transfer automation. By using a file transfer workflow, you can streamline your processes from beginning to end and rest assured that your data will be encrypted, tracked via audit and activity logs, and delivered successfully to the recipient.

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Tip 2: Use the Right MFT Solution

Adopting a secure managed file transfer (MFT) solution that can encrypt files while they’re in transit and at rest can help to prevent unauthorized access and keep your sensitive data safe. MFT solutions are built to optimize productivity with their customizability and flexibility, scalable and feature-rich nature, and simple implementation.

GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere MFT is one of the leading managed file transfer solutions. It automates and secures file movement using a centralized enterprise-level approach and streamlines file transfers and related business processes without the need for programming or special skills. You can deploy GoAnywhere on-premises, in the cloud on platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS or via MFTaaS, or within hybrid environments. GoAnywhere runs easily on platforms like Linux, Windows, AIX, the IBM i, and more.


FileCatalyst on the other hand, is a robust and accelerated extreme file transfer (XFT) solution created to support the fast transfer of very large files at high bandwidth over long distances. Because FileCatalyst is a UDP-based protocol, this makes transferring large data sets much faster, even in high latency or packet loss environments. To cut down on time-consuming compression and decompression processes before and after a file has been transmitted, FileCatalyst compresses the files you send on the fly. FileCatalyst’s accelerated file transfer applies anywhere in the world.

Tool to Try: Calculate the estimated length of time file transfers will take with FileCatalyst from different locations in the world.

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The Ultimate Tip: Combine FileCatalyst’s Speed with GoAnywhere’s Automation

Accelerate your file transfer workflows today with FileCatalyst. Check out the pricing or jump right ahead to an introductory look to see first-hand how FileCatalyst can help to improve your file transfer productivity with a trial.

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