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Tradeshow Recap: VMware 20th Anniversary, Secure File Transfers, and More at VMworld 2018

get a recap of what you missed at VMworld 2018
Dazzling booth displays and nerdy Star Wars swag. Informative training sessions. Demos for modern software and hardware. Drones. In-depth industry conversations. Coffee decorated with techy latte art.

These are just a few of the things over 20,000 VMworld attendees noticed as they walked through the regal halls and corridors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas. Held August 26-30, 2018, vendors set up an incredible array of booths in the exhibit halls, where attendees flocked between sessions and meals to see the latest and greatest in technology displayed right before their eyes.

If you missed VMworld this year, never fear.

We’re here with three takeaways from last week’s conference to tide you over until VMworld 2019 in San Francisco. And if you’d rather experience the event for yourself (it’s OK, we don’t mind), you can view the event’s general sessions, showcase keynotes, and breakouts by visiting the VMworld On-Demand Video Library.

The exhibit hall at VMworld 2018.

1. Two Decades of Innovation: Celebrating VMware’s 20th Anniversary

VMworld 2018 marked a special milestone for VMware: a birthday. The 20th anniversary of the company, in fact. In general sessions, after-parties, displays, and more, VMworld took every opportunity to showcase VMware’s journey from its humble beginnings of just five employees to the staple of the technology it is today.

In reflecting on VMware’s success, CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke to a packed auditorium about how amazing it’s been to watch VMware grow, both vertically and diagonally. It’s survived what he called "acts of innovation" over two decades: a proud feat for customers and employees alike.

"VMware has had this unique roll in the industry over these 20 years," Gelsinger told a crowd of attendees in his opening statement on Monday. "...It’s truly extraordinary what we’ve accomplished together. As we think back, what VMware has been uniquely able to do is bridge across. We’ve seen time and again that these areas of innovation emerge and rapidly move forward, but as they become utilized by our customers, they create this natural tension of what business wants flexibility to use across these silos of innovation. From the start of our history, we have collectively had this uncanny ability to bridge across these cycles of innovation."

As organizations connect more of their processes to a virtualized environment, it is likely that VMware’s success, industry support, and use cases will only continue to grow. Twenty years, conference attendees mused, is really only the beginning.

2. File Transfer Compliance is a Growing Concern that Needs a Secure Solution

At the HelpSystems booth, we spoke with many VMworld attendees about our secure file transfer solution. Many told us they were concerned about meeting file transfer compliance requirements in their organization; some had been told to look for a solution to address their needs, others had found weaknesses and security vulnerabilities in their legacy tools and scripts.

Several breakout sessions covered this topic, too. Compliance in the public sector, compliance automation, and achieving GDPR-ready architecture were a small sampling of the training sessions people carved time from their schedule to attend.

One thing’s for certain: many conference-goers at VMworld had compliance on their minds—and meeting industry, state, and local requirements will only continue to become a priority as data sharing and storage rises in prevalence across the globe.

managed file transfer booth at VMworld 2018

Those who visited our booth and shared their concerns learned how GoAnywhere MFT can meet strict file transfer compliance requirements for a variety of regulations worldwide. From organizations in healthcare and education to those in banking and finance, we showed attendees how our MFT solution:

  • Audits file transfer activity
  • Supports granular security controls
  • Uses modern protocols for transferring files securely
  • Provides role-based administration and permissions
  • Encrypts files using Open PGP and AES

Are there regulations you need to comply with? Explore how GoAnywhere MFT can help your organization secure batch and ad-hoc file transfers by visiting our compliance hub.

3. Exploring the Future of Technology

Those who attended the general session on "Technology Superpowers" heard VMware’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, and CTO, Ray O’Farrell, discuss how VMware is shaping today’s technology trends—including the cloud and cybersecurity practices—as well as the future of technology.

Themes across VMworld included a deeper look at the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, edge computing, machine learnings, and much more.

How we’re going to embrace the future and everything it’s bringing?

Technology will never stop moving; there is no going back. VMworld tackled this head-on, and many attendees were not only excited but eager to learn all they could about what’s ahead to prepare themselves for another year in technology innovation, transformation, and opportunity.

VMworld 2018 exhibit hall

Change is Always on the Horizon

...and secure file transfer is no exception!

At VMworld, we connected with several GoAnywhere MFT customers and chatted with them about the upcoming enhancements and new features we plan to add to our product. From keeping up with cybersecurity requirements to meeting virtualization and cloud needs for secure data transmissions, our users are excited to explore the future of managed file transfer.

Are you looking for a secure way to move data between your employees, clients, and trading partners, both on-premises and in the cloud? Learn more about the benefits of a strong MFT solution like GoAnywhere MFT in this on-demand webinar:

MFT 101: Securing, Automating, and Managing File Transfers

VMworld 2018 was a great success, and we’re happy that we were able to attend and connect with industry experts and IT professionals like you. To those who attended, we hope your takeaways bring you success throughout the rest of the year. To those who didn’t, we hope to see you at VMworld 2019!

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