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5 Benefits of PGP Decryption Using Managed File Transfer

PGP decrypt files with GoAnywhere MFT software

If your trading partners or vendors require you to PGP encrypt or decrypt the files you exchange, you may be on the search for an affordable, trust-worthy PGP software to implement in your organization. The software you’re looking for may also need to support more than basic PGP decrypt and encrypt functionality. You may want it to include a key management system for PGP public and private keys, automation for PGP encryption and decryption, and PGP signatures for increased security and validation.

All these requirements can be met through a managed file transfer (MFT) solution. This robust software for secure file sharing and PGP encryption processes can more than satisfy automation, PGP decrypt tasks, PGP auditing for compliance, and recipient validation. If you’re on the hunt for an all-in-one online PGP decrypt tool that’ll work for you, or simply want to consider your options for how to decrypt PGP files seamlessly, read on.

How Does MFT Decrypt PGP-Encrypted Documents?

Imagine you’re sending a file to a trading partner. Managed file transfer software can be configured to automatically encrypt the file (or files) you want to exchange, add a PGP signature for verification, then transfer it across a secure SFTP, HTTPS, FTPS, or AS2 connection.

When the trading partner receives the file, if they want to automate the processing, their MFT solution will connect with the file server that now has the file stored on it, move the file to a designated folder, and automatically decrypt the file for them. Some MFT products, like GoAnywhere MFT, can also parse and translate that file directly into a database. Automation of manual processes and writing scripts is a big benefit of MFT applications and can eliminate the need for single-use tools and user errors.

If you’re simply retrieving files from a remote location, like a cloud bucket, MFT is also a great choice. The software will securely pull the files from the bucket and bring them into the internal network, where it will decrypt the file for processing and check the PGP signature for verification.

5 Reasons to Use MFT for PGP Decrypt and Encrypt Tasks

Here are five ways MFT software can benefit organizations looking for how to decrypt a PGP message and perform PGP operations:

1. MFT software will PGP decrypt and encrypt all types of data

Managed file transfer can perform PGP decrypt and encrypt tasks for any kind of file. This includes decryption for CSV records, EDI X12 documents, purchase orders, payroll forms, money transfers, surveillance videos, and ePHI data. A solution like GoAnywhere MFT can translate files to a variety of formats as well, like EDI X12, XML, Excel, Delimited Text, Fixed-Width Text, and JSON, as well as handle volumes up to thousands of files a day.

2. MFT software can automate your PGP encryption and decryption processes

A robust MFT solution should come with automation for workflows, encryption tasks, and other file transfer processes.You can use MFT in your organization to automatically retrieve files from trading partner servers, decrypt them in a workflow, and process them internally. With automation, you can also schedule Open PGP processes to run at future date and times using a built-in scheduler, or integrate with applications, programs, or scripts found in any environment, including the cloud.

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3. MFT software supports key and certificate management for PGP keys

Our industry-leading managed file transfer solution, GoAnywhere MFT, comes with a comprehensive Key Management System (KMS). A KMS can help you manage PGP public and private keys, as well as any certificates you may have. The KMS can also be used to create, modify, view, or import keys, which can be utilized within GoAnywhere to automate your PGP encryption and decryption. Public keys can also be exported and securely shared with trading partners who need to share files with you.

4. MFT software makes PGP file decryption "easy peasy lemon squeezy"

GoAnywhere MFT makes it easy to run the PGP Decrypt task. This decryption process can be used to decrypt one or more files at a time using a PGP private key. The PGP signature is automatically verified upon file decryption to ensure the validity of the sender. Learn more about PGP file decryption in this informative managed file transfer tutorial.

5. MFT software can run in a browser, no bulky PC-based software required

A solution like GoAnywhere MFT does not require special hardware or a long implementation time. It runs in a browser and supports PGP decrypt online to consistently deliver the features you need the most from on-the-go.

As GoAnywhere is server-centric, it does not require software to be installed on a PC. Administrators can perform configuration and monitoring in the product from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.A handy dashboard will provide links to important features and comes with widgets you can modify to display the system statistics and job functions you care about.

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PGP is a popular encryption standard across industries today. With GoAnywhere, organizations can trust their file transfers will be strongly secured, meticulously tracked, and supported by a vendor that has provided robust support for PGP nearly two decades in the running.

Try a 30-day trial of our MFT solution to see how easy it is to PGP decrypt and encrypt files, add and verify PGP signatures, and automate all PGP processes for improved auditing and productivity.

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