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How Are Your Peers Utilizing Automation in GoAnywhere?

Automation tools at work

The Uses are Endless

It’s no secret that automation is a great way to boost your business. It can save time, money, and important resources. But how is it being used by your peers on a day-to-day basis? Read on for some examples straight from your peers’ own personal experiences automating their file transfer processes.

Adams County, Colorado

Adams County, the fifth largest county in Colorado, discovered a streamlined and consistent way to automate their file transfers between internal systems, external systems, and trading partners with GoAnywhere MFT.

For a payroll project, Adams County uses the run-time mode so they can verify that the files are correct before they go out. As soon as the files are approved by staff, they’re sent out with ease by the click of a button.

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Dayton Parts

Before GoAnywhere MFT came along, Dayton Parts’ procedure for inventory and processing involved going outside a normal IBM i (iSeries) server function. Due to this, several staff members spent nearly 100 hours manually extracting and pasting data into email over a 6-day period.

With the help of GoAnywhere, Dayton Parts’ was able to transform its old-school process into an automated file transfer process that could be completed in just three hours instead of six days!

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Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group

Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group went on a journey to transition from batch scripts and manual processes to managed file transfer. Now, GoAnywhere is being used for various workflows throughout the company.

In one precedent, GoAnywhere was useful for assessing management fees related to the retirement advisory arm of their business. Because fees are sometimes paid from plan assets, fee transactions need to be posted to take money out to cover the costs. With GoAnywhere’s assistance, instead of doing this manually, the transactions can be handled automatically. Now, they’re able to complete 600-700 transactions in seconds versus someone going through each one and completing the transaction manually.

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A Variety of Businesses

From building projects to find, zip, send, and download files, to running robocopy bat files, GoAnywhere MFT can automate in many different scenarios.

GoAnywhere can be useful for a variety of businesses in an array of fields. From automating file movements between a company and their partners, primarily via SFTP, to automating the movement of files from multiple ERP systems to several banks, GoAnywhere gets the job done effectively.

Here are a few additional examples of automation, right from the mouths of our customers:

  • Jon Baker – Financial Systems Manager – Fortegra Financial

“One of my latest projects was pulling data from Oracle to format into a positive payment file, encrypt and transfer to the bank. I use GoAnywhere for almost every project I work on to some extent. I am currently working on a project to extract void payments and stop payments from Oracle AP and transfer to the bank.”

  • Larry Winfrey – Programmer/Analyst – Parrish Tire Company

“I am currently automating orders from a customer via web services. At my job we used to have to manually key orders from a major customer, but now with GoAnywhere I have published a RESTful API to allow them to send their orders via HTTPS. GoAnywhere writes the data to a work file and then calls a program on our IBM Power i to process the orders.”

  • Mark Harrison – Kubota Manufacturing of America Corporation

“I use GoAnywhere to transfer files between companies, build MS Excel spreadsheets, email users to replace paper reports, and send out formatted emails from batch processes running on the server.”

How Else Can You Automate?

The uses truly are endless. Here are 10 additional ways GoAnywhere can help support your file transfer needs with automation:

You can define multi-step workflows for your file transfers in GoAnywhere.

With over 100 tasks to choose from, you can have GoAnywhere perform special processes and build comprehensive workflows that execute any pre- and post-transfer tasks you might have.

You can execute multiple projects at the dates and times you set.

With GoAnywhere’s built-in scheduler, you can schedule your file transfers and workflows to run in advance. You can set up transfers to run on a one-time basis or whichever frequency works best (every hour, day, month, etc.).

You can configure GoAnywhere to monitor key folders for you.

Let file monitoring do the heavy lifting for you. GoAnywhere allows you to automatically scan the folders you pick for new, changed, or deleted files.

You can have GoAnywhere send you notifications when triggered events occur.

If you want to be kept updated on whether a workflow was successful or unsuccessful in its delivery, GoAnywhere’s email or text message notifications will keep you up to date.

You can launch file transfers from remote systems, application, and integrations.

GoAnywhere automation projects and workflows can be called from command lines, scripts, and programs using commands and APIs. GoAnywhere processes can also be called as web services using SOAP or REST requests.

You can execute multiple projects concurrently with a job management system.

GoAnywhere can support any high volume of file transfers every day and execute multiple automation workflows concurrently. Send, retrieve, and process your file transfers without worry. GoAnywhere’s gives you full control of your file transfers with its job management system.

You can test and debug your projects your workflows in a safe environment.

GoAnywhere’s Debug mode gives you a safe place to test changes or troubleshoot errors in any workflows you have. This cuts down on the more traditional and tedious method of testing workflows – searching for errors manually and making avoidable updates.

You can reduce the time it takes to exchange files and perform other jobs.

With GoAnywhere you can automate the delivery of files, the execution of encryption, the interaction of GoAnywhere with other applications in your environment, and more!

Let GoAnywhere automate file transfers with ease and reduce the time you spend on manual processes and file tracking.

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You can get started easily with GoAnywhere’s wizards and templates.

Cut back on the time it takes to build a workflow with GoAnywhere’s intuitive workflow wizard. Build workflows quickly by dragging and dropping tasks and steps into the wizard. You can see what your new workflow looks like immediately. For admins with less time available, workflow templates are readily available.

You can reap the benefits of other modules.

GoAnywhere’s automation capabilities doesn’t cap at file transfers. You can also use the secure software to automate workflows on remote systems and in the cloud using GoAnywhere’s MFT Agents module.

The Secure Forms module is another available option. It allows you create custom forms for your organization to send to users via public and private links.

Don’t Wait – Automate!

Time is money, don’t wait to start automating until you’ve broken the bank. A free 30-day trial will give you access to GoAnywhere’s automation features, including the Advanced Workflows, MFT Agents, and Secure Forms module. See how MFT automation can benefit your file transfers.


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