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How MFT Streamlines the Onboarding of Trading Partners

Transferring files between an onboarded trading partner

Start Streamlining Now

Every company needs to onboard trading partners, and the administration of that can be time-consuming, especially if you work with a lot of different trading partners, all with unique circumstances of their own.

From large retailers needing to set up EDI translation with vendors, to mom and pop shops pushing information to companies they do business with, to Fortune 100 companies working with substantial banks, there are endless examples of how organizations need to trade information.

How Can Managed File Transfer Help?

Reducing the effort and time it takes to set up a new trading partner can be a huge relief, especially if you have thousands of trading partners and don’t want it to be a manual process.

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A managed file transfer solution can help you automate and streamline the process. However, because each trading partner is unique and no two situations are the same, trading partner requirements can vary.

How Can GoAnywhere Make a Difference?

GoAnywhere MFT makes a difference by requiring much less face time with professional services, compared to what would be required if onboarding through a competing product.

Our top competing products require extensive professional services time for vendor onboarding. That’s not necessarily the case with GoAnywhere.

For example, you can onboard a trading partner as simply as importing users from your CSV document, XML file, or an LDAP managed account.

Or you can build a customized secure form, allowing users to register themselves. Then they can validate data and build it into their profile.

Part 1:

Secure Forms Part 1

Part 2:

Secure Forms Part 2

Part 3:

Secure Forms Part 3

If these are not enough to streamline the onboarding of trading partners, you can work with professional services to advise you as needed.

What Professional Services Can Do

With GoAnywhere, onboarding with trading partners may require some of our professional services time, but not nearly as much as competing products.

Professional services can help trading partners set up their own account and anything else they need to do. They can set up the accurate environment for the needs of trading partners and can create an automated process, saving time and cost.

They can help trading partners discover the following, plus so much more:

  • What folders they need
  • What they can access
  • What kind of permissions they want/need
  • Files that need to be read/written

Each trading partner has unique wants and needs, with Professional Services the process can be streamlined, automated, and potentially save valuable time and cost.

Did You Know HelpSystems Offers Professional Services?

We have a professional services team dedicated to helping customers get the most out of GoAnywhere. If you’d like to engage us to help streamline your trading partner onboarding, contact us or get in touch with your sales rep.

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