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Is FTPS or SFTP More Secure?


FTPS vs. SFTP – Level of Security

FTPS and SFTP are two of the mainstream protocols for transferring your sensitive files, but they are not 100 percent equal when it comes to their level of security. Discover which one is more secure below.

What is FTPS?

FTPS (FTP over SSL – Secure Sockets Layer) is a secure FTP protocol that allows you to protect and exchange files with trading partners, employees, and clients.

FTPS implements strong encryption algorithms like AES and Triple DES to encrypt critical file transfers. For connection authentication, FTPS uses a combination of user IDs, passwords, and/or certificates to verify a system’s authenticity.

What is SFTP?

SFTP (SSH – Secure Shell – File Transfer Protocol) is a secure FTP protocol that sends files over SSH to provide a high level of protection for file transfers.

Like FTPS, SFTP implements AES, Triple DES, and other algorithms to encrypt data that flows between systems. It also offers several ways to authenticate a connection—with a user ID and password, SSH key, or a combination of a password and SSH key—for organizations that require stronger authentication.

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Which is More Secure?

SFTP has the upper hand over FTPS when it comes to authentication, therefore making it a slightly more secure option.

With SFTP, you can use a user ID and password to connect to a server OR you can use SSH keys with (or instead of) passwords for extra authentication. FTPS does not support this kind of key-based authentication.

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