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Is Your File Transfer Solution Meeting Business Requirements?

Meeting business requirements with your file transfer solution is easy — if you have the right file transfer solution

Free is tempting. Understood. But free can also be a landmine when it comes to your business requirements. If your business needs include maintaining a level of security surrounding file transfers and file security (and most businesses do), take a few minutes to review the solution(s) you currently have in place.

If you’re using an assortment of collaboration, file sharing, and EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Sharing) tools, are they effectively meeting your specific requirements? A comprehensive managed file transfer solution could potentially serve your needs better and quickly pay off in terms of meeting compliance regulations, freeing up IT staff time, ensuring file security is automated and encrypted, and so much more.

Ask yourself if your solution (or mixed bag of solutions), is truly meeting your business needs and whether it can be scaled up as your business changes and grows.

Does Your Business Solution Answer These Critical Questions?

  • Are You Sending Emails Securely?
  • Do You Have Control Over Your Server Folders?
  • Are Your Forms Optimized and Secure?
  • Can You Integrate with the Cloud and Other Popular Web Apps?
  • Are You Collaborating Securely?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of emails are exchanged daily in most operations. Each runs the risk of data leaks or misuse. With the Secure Mail module in GoAnywhere MFT, your employees can send ad hoc emails as secure “packages” to recipients with a specific link that lets them download the message and files (of any size) through a secure HTTPS connection.

Locking down the information in your files stored on your server is easier and more secure with a managed file transfer solution, like GoAnywhere’s Secure Folders module. With this in place, users can quickly drag and drop files between their own computer and the server using their preferred browser over HTTPS. Granular permissions secure the folders for each user so that they can be directly accessed by backend applications and programs, fostering collaboration between users and creating an audit trail to meet your business requirements

Creating custom, secure forms to gather information and upload files to your organization is easier with Secure Forms. Data submitted can be processed using customizable, automated workflows to provide files for your users to download. You can configure the file types, sizes, and quantity of files to be permitted. In addition, you can authenticate form users or make them publicly available. Plus, you can meet compliance requirements with an audit trail of secure form submission history.

If your users depend on popular web-based apps, they will often seek out free alternatives if you don’t offer a secure option, putting your business and its reputation at risk. GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connectors help you easily integrate with the external cloud and any web apps your organization uses daily. Connectors bridge the gap between your GoAnywhere projects and workflows and popular services including Salesforce, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Dropbox.

Turning to cloud-based file sharing services, like SharePoint, Dropbox and others, was once a no-brainer to adopt and use freely. While these easy-to-use services are tempting and popular, they can compromise your business’ cybersecurity.

GoDrive, an EFSS service from GoAnywhere, is your best alternative to cloud-based file sharing services. You can easily give people access to securely upload/download, centralize, and collaborate. Advanced features include file revision tracking, commenting, trash bin, media viewing and synchronization with Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

9 Questions You Should Ask About Your Current Solution

As you consider what you’re currently using as a business solution and what you might be needing to better meet your needs, take a minute to answer some of these questions.

  1. Does it immediately notify me of a failed transfer?
  2. Does my file transfer solution take too much time?
  3. Does it offer encryption features?
  4. Can my solution create project workflows for automation?
  5. Is my team spending time on redundant tasks?
  6. Does my solution provide automation to free up IT for more important tasks?
  7. Is my current solution scalable to meet future file transfer needs?
  8. Does my solution meet compliance requirements with full auditing and reporting functions?
  9. Does my solution offer clustering and load balancing to meet workload demands?

Meet Your Business Requirements with MFT

If already you know your current solution’s not meeting your critical business needs, you’ll want to check out our MFT Buyer’s Guide with all the details you’ll need to evaluate a better solution for your business. Learn all about the considerations for industry, cybersecurity, and compliance and calculate your ROI.

Not sure if MFT is right for you and your business? Give it a no-risk try and check it out with a free 30-day trial. Even if you decide not to purchase, you can still use the fully functional GoDrive and Secure Mail licenses for up to five users.

Give GoAnywhere a try – for free!

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