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Need Fast File Transfers? FileCatalyst Delivers.

Rapid file transfer is what FileCatalyst from HelpSystems delivers.

Got a Need for Speed? FileCatalyst Can Deliver.

“How fast?" If that’s the very first thing that comes to mind when thinking about transferring files, you clearly have a need for speed. And if file transfer speed is critical to your business operations, FileCatalyst by HelpSystems may be the right match for you.

HelpSystems acquired FileCatalyst in early 2021 to enhance its data security suite and give customers a speedy, secure way to transfer their big data, media-rich files around the world at speeds FTP, SFTP, HTTP, or CIFS simply can’t match.

What is File Catalyst?

FileCatalyst is a robust accelerated file transfer software solution that supports client/server architecture, enabling the fast transfer of large files. FileCatalyst was designed specifically to allow the transfer of large files over remote networks experiencing high latency or packet loss.

How FileCatalyst Differs from Other File Transfer Solutions

  • It’s fast. Really fast. FileCatalyst software was specifically created to support the fast transfer of very large files at a high bandwidth over long distances. These acceleration capabilities allow FileCatalyst to optimize file transfers across global networks at speeds hundreds of times faster than more traditional FTP file transfer.
  • It’s nimble. The software solution is not only fast, itis also nimble, allowing for media files to be transferred even while still being encoded. So, even if your file is growing in real time, such as when sending live video feeds, your file transfer can still be initiated. This is especially important for industries such as broadcast media, live sports and entertainment, enterprise IT, and healthcare.
  • It’s designed for bulk transfers and bandwidth optimization. FileCatalyst’ proprietary UDP (User Datagram Protocol) based protocol provides acceleration and immunity to latency and packet loss on networks. By taking aspects of both TFTP and FTP, it can send many blocks of data simultaneously to maximize bandwidth. In addition, you can incorporate custom commands for more dynamic bandwidth control, restarting, compression, and more. To streamline compression and decompression processes before and after a file has been transmitted, FileCatalyst compresses files on the fly.
  • It’s cloud-friendly: FileCatalyst can be integrated with major public cloud storage providers including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, and more.

On-Demand Webinar: FileCatalyst vs. FTP: Compare File Transfer Speed

You can even revise files on the fly when you opt to send only portions of a file that has
changed, reducing transfer sizes by up to 90 percent.

So, How Fast is FileCatalyst?

If you want to see exactly how fast a file transfer will take from different locations in the world using FileCatalyst, this calculator can show you the impressive details. In the words of a popular sandwich delivery chain, “it’s freaky fast!”

FileCatalyst Works with GoAnywhere MFT for Fast, Secure, Managed File Transfer

You can keep those big bulky files secure at rest and while speeding them around the world, and enjoy the benefits of automation, simplification, and dashboard-ease of while using FileCatalyst alongside a managed file transfer solution, like GoAnywhere MFT.

The latest encryption standards are employed for file security with both software solutions. In addition, both solutions offer reliability assurances with delivery restart guarantees and alerts.

Whether you need to mirror data for disaster recovery, transfer large volumes of sizeable data quickly and securely, send “live” files from remote locations, or get that patient X-ray to a technician rapidly, FileCatalyst and GoAnywhere MFT play nicely together to optimize your file transfer capabilities.

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See Speedy File Transfers in Action

If you want to see just how fast file transfers can truly be, there’s no better way than to give it a try for yourself. Send those bulky files faster than possible with other protocols from wherever you are to wherever they need to be with the security and reliability of a software solution designed to do exactly that.

I’ll Try FileCatalyst for Free!

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