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Real-Life Ways GoAnywhere Saves Your Peers Time, Money, and Resources

Saving time and money

It’s Time to Get Real

Let’s be real time, money, and resources are all equally valuable in the business world. If you’re looking for a solution that can help you substantially save all three in your everyday life, look no further than GoAnywhere.

Time After Time

Time after time, GoAnywhere can help you maximize the time you have and keep wasted time to a minimum. Not only can GoAnywhere enable trading partners and new file transfer users in minutes, it can turn tasks that used to take days, into tasks that now take much less time – hours, or even just minutes to complete!

Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group (Sentinel) saw this take place in their organization first-hand, when their old manual way of doing things was replaced with GoAnywhere. Douglas Walker, the Assistant Vice President, Director of Software Engineering Services at Sentinel, stated that using GoAnywhere helped them move past custom scripts that were taking them loads of time. In relation to the retirement advisory arm of their business, they had fees that were sometimes paid from plan assets. Sentinel’s trading team previously had to manually shuffle through each plan and post a fee transaction to pull money out to cover the costs.

Walker said, “Rather than doing this manually, we now query our billing system, create an XML file and put this in a format that can then be imported to create all the appropriate transactions automatically.” For Sentinel, this meant completing 600 to 700 tasks in seconds versus someone going through every single one and doing it manually. With the help of GoAnywhere, Sentinel now saves countless hours each week with the ability to automate their jobs.

Sentinel isn’t the only one reaping the benefits of GoAnywhere and its strong ability to conserve time. Joe Haynie, the Senior Technology Officer at the Bank of Tennessee, said, “Using GoAnywhere has reduced the time it takes to set up an account. It takes a couple minutes now, whereas it used to take hours.”

While Aaron Wiggans, the Applications Development Supervisor at Adams County, Colorado stated that utilizing GoAnywhere saved them such an impactful amount of time, they decided to expand to other areas. Wiggans said, “It used to take eight hours every month to print and send out our monthly accounting reports. We’d submit between 100 – 150 jobs to our previous system and they’d each generate a PDF. Someone would then have to open the PDF, save it to a specific file location, determine who the accurate recipient is, and then attach it to an email and send it off.” Adams County was so impressed they conveyed how they were going to expand Anywhere to help their payroll staff cut their monthly report preparation from 2 to 3 days per month to under four hours.


Saving Resources and Money is Priceless

Money is more than just a five-letter word. It impacts decisions, levels of motivation, and more. While resources can impact an organization’s ability to function effectively. Both have made a big impression on GoAnywhere users in real-life.

Dr. Beck of the University of Cincinnati utilized GoAnywhere in a remote location with standard equipment to weather the harsh conditions, spare costs, and retrieve and translate the required data. Beck said, “To use standard equipment and thereby reduce costs for our scientific data collection was a complete success. We plan to use the same architecture and GoAnywhere elsewhere for future projects.”

For FPS Gold, money over resources became the currency of choice when it came to GoAnywhere. Mark Benson, the Senior Vice President of Programming said, “As for cost, we save thousands of dollars in licensing fees now compared to our previous solution.”

While at AnMed Health (AnMed), Lisa Nanney, a Senior Programmer Analyst explained how GoAnywhere significantly reduced resources for the organization by freeing up staffing efforts to be put elsewhere. Nanney said, “Our old systems did not offer automatic auditing and it often took a call from a vendor to discover there was a problem. When problems did arise, we had to wait for a Network Engineer to become available.” For AnMed, this resulted in downtimes of hours or days before they could solve the issue. Nanney also stated that the Network Engineer they used to handle their FTP server would often spend at least 24 hours a month troubleshooting transfers. She said, “He doesn’t even touch transfers now unless we need connection assistance.”

GoAnywhere was even used to replace AnMed’s green-bar reporting with a process that sends reports to a network drive mapped to the IFS. Nanney stated, “This resulted in cutting green-bar costs entirely, along with yearly maintenance for ‘one dinosaur of a printer’.”

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