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What to Consider When Choosing an MFT Solution

What to consider when choosing and MFT solution

A managed file transfer (MFT) solution simplifies your data security, automation, server-to-sever file transfers, and more. Organizations move from other file transfer methods to MFT solutions for various reasons, but mostly for some combination of:

  • Centralization
  • Time and money savings
  • Increased security

Whether your organization is seeking a new way to ensure compliance with data regulations, working to automate file transfers, or get better insight into data movement and user access, moving to MFT can help improve your file transfers.

Choosing a Managed File Transfer Solution

Once you’ve determined that MFT is the best secure file sharing option for your organization, it’s time to look into vendors and software options. Luckily, we’ve already created a guide for buyers, which includes some key factors to consider:

1. Free vs. Open Source vs. Paid MFT Solutions

Free always fits the budget, but free file transfer software often comes with drawbacks, whether in functionality, reduced security, or lack of support. The same can be said for open source MFT software; while there are benefits to open source options, make sure the solution meets your expectations before committing to that over a paid option.

Enterprise MFT options tend to have the most robust feature set, higher levels of security, and a variety of ways to get support, giving you flexibility along with peace of mind.

2. On-Premises vs. Cloud vs. Hybrid

The deployment options available through your preferred MFT vendors may also impact your decision. Some organizations prefer to self-host their software, whether locally or in a cloud computing service provider, while others prefer to do everything in the cloud – and favor SaaS options over maintaining the software on their own. And as companies slowly move more processes to the cloud, many have a hybrid solution for their software hosting needs. Depending on factors including price, infrastructure, and staff, a different deployment method may suit your organization best.

3. Choosing an MFT Vendor

Taking a closer look at vendors can also help you determine which MFT product is best for you. Some things to consider include:

  • Your file transfer volume
  • Compliance requirements you must adhere to as part of a certain industry
  • The methods of transferring data now but also potentially in the future
  • Customer reviews
  • Trial and demo options

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For an in-depth overview of how to weigh each aspect of potential MFT software solutions, read our ultimate guide to investing in MFT software.

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Testing MFT Solutions

Next, make sure you can take your top solutions for a test drive. You want to check that the solution does what you’re expecting, is straightforward, and has the promised features. There’s no need to move all your processes there right away – you can start with core file transfers that let you get a feel for how the product works. Not sure where to begin? Check out our blog 5 Projects You Could Tackle with a GoAnywhere Trial.

Getting Started with MFT

Now that you have the basics on how to narrow down your MFT solution selection, evaluate vendors, and try out the product, you’re ready to dive in!

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