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Can Your MFT Solution Do These 20 Things?

A showcase of how many things GoAnywhere MFT can do

The Possibilities Are Vast

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) can do so much more than just transfer sensitive data securely. Do you know if your MFT solution can do these 20 things?

1. It Can Integrate with Applications

GoAnywhere offers out-of-the-box Connectors that let you easily integrate with the external cloud and any web apps you might use on a daily basis. This includes built-in web and cloud application integrations that can connect to your GoAnywhere projects and workflows. Through this, you can gain access to popular services including Salesforce, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Dropbox.

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2. It Can Allow You to Send Email Securely

You can send encrypted messages and files with GoAnywhere’s Secure Mail module. When an email is sent through GoAnywhere’s web client or Microsoft Outlook (using our plugin), recipients will receive an email with a unique link. This link, along with entering an optional password, allows trading partners access to the message and files via a secure HTTPS connection. Additionally, recipients can use that same link to upload files back to the sender securely. There’s also no file size limitation.

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3. It Can Allow You to Send Forms Securely

You can create custom forms and then send them to users via a public or private URL.

With GoAnywhere Secure Forms, you can define the form needed and send it to a web user. Then, GoAnywhere takes the completed request and launches a project workflow that processes the files and form data to be processed.

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4. It Allows You to Integrate with Redactive/Deep Inspection Content

Sharing critical information inside and outside your organization with an unprecedented level of management control and security is important. GoAnywhere MFT and the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway work together to offer integrated advanced threat protection and adaptive loss prevention.

5. It Allows You to Automate Business Processes with Workflows

File transfer automation is a powerful tool, as it allows IT departments to pivot away from the cumbersome tasks that surround file transfer and instead focus on more strategic and significant projects. Automation also reduces human error and increases accuracy; plus, you still get communication about everything that is taking place.

In GoAnywhere, you can create “Projects” to define file transfers and business processes to perform. A Project can contain multiple steps (called tasks) to execute as a seamless end-to-end workflow. There is no limit to the number of tasks that can be performed within a single Project.

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6. It Makes EDI File Translation Simple

EDI is a flat file format that B2B trading partners use to send and receive business transactions. GoAnywhere offers built-in EDI features that can help you centralize your encryption and data translations directly in the product. Taking care of file transfers and EDI in one simple, easy-to-use solution can make for better efficiency and a lower overall cost.

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7. It’s Mobile Friendly

Secure managed file transfer is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplace friendly. GoAnywhere helps you to regain control of mobile file storage and sharing. The GoAnywhere File Transfer Mobile App is available for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.

It provides secure remote access to documents, centralized control and auditing, and seamless interactions. Along with local file management, the app allows the ability to monitor file transfers and maintain file structures.

8. It Can Be Useful for a Variety of Industries

GoAnywhere can be used within a wide range of industries. What industries, you ask? And how is it often utilized? Glad you asked; it can be used in the industries below to do the following – plus so much more:

  • Banking and Finance: To streamline, encrypt, and automate critical file transfer processes and requirements. Banks often receive ACH files that are PGP encrypted. GoAnywhere can automate the transfer, encryption/decryption, and processing of the files.
  • Healthcare: To safeguard sensitive ePHI and EHR data.
  • Higher Education: To help protect confidential student information both university-wide and in the exchange of data with authorized third parties.
  • Insurance: To simplify and automate data exchanges – and meet onerous compliance burdens.
  • IT & Telecom: To help meet compliance requirements, keep sensitive data safe, and protect in-house networks and communications channels.
  • Logistics: To help sensitive, critical files be securely exchanged between departments, business partners, and government agencies.
  • Manufacturing: To help sensitive, critical files be securely exchanged between departments, business partners, and government agencies.
  • Media & Entertainment: To keep the integrity of data, help process the logistics of consumer purchases, and exchange sensitive files with partners/customers on a variety of devices.
  • Public Sector: To help authorized data be automated and shared securely between government agencies and their trading partners at federal, state, county, and city levels.
  • Retail: To help retailers preserve the integrity of their and their customers’ data to meet compliance requirements, as well as simplify and automate data movement.

9. It Offers a DMZ Secure Gateway

GoAnywhere offers a feature basic tools don’t: a reverse proxy, also known as a DMZ Secure Gateway. This will keep your file sharing servers (e.g., FTPS, HTTPS or SFTP) inside your private network and away from your DMZ. Reverse proxy software also helps keep your network’s inbound ports closed, which is an essential step for complying with strict data security regulations.

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10. It Can Provide Advanced Auditing and Reporting Functionality

Storing and tracking detailed audit information is crucial for staying compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA, state privacy laws and other regulations. GoAnywhere generates comprehensive audit logs of all file transfer and administrator activity, which can be searched and viewed through the browser-based administrator or distributed as PDF reports on a scheduled basis.

11. It Helps Meet Compliance Requirements

Complying with industry security standards is an issue that puts pressure on organizations of all sizes. GoAnywhere can retain compliance with strict in-house policies, laws, and regulations. Commonly discussed file transfer compliance requirements GoAnywhere meets includes PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, Basel, SOX, and GDPR.

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12. It Provides Extensive Security Controls

Enterprise-level security features, like the ability to set password policies and authenticate users with LDAP, AD, and other Identity and Access Management features, are part of a good MFT solution. With GoAnywhere, you can easily block brute-force and DOS attacks, create SSL certificates and SSH/Open PGP keys - plus more!

13. It Supports Job Monitoring and Scheduling

GoAnywhere includes a convenient built-in scheduler for executing Projects (workflows) at future dates and times. For example, projects can be scheduled to run just one time, or they can be scheduled to reoccur. The recurring intervals include every minute, every hour, every day, certain days of the week, and every month.

14. It Encrypts Data in Transit and at Rest

Encryption is a critical factor that ensures if sensitive data ever falls into the wrong hands (like during a data breach) then it can’t be used maliciously.

GoAnywhere offers industry standard encryption technologies for data in transit and at rest. It encrypts data while it’s being stored and transferred, using technologies like Open PGP, SSL, SSH, and AES to protect sensitive information.

15. It Logs All File Transfer Activity

No matter if your organization is sharing files hundreds or even thousands of times each day, GoAnywhere can log every file transfer event so you can be ready for audits and have a detailed record of how information is being handled around the clock.

16. It Can Create or Parse Files (like Spreadsheets)

It’s no secret that everyone uses a variety of formats for their documents and data. GoAnywhere can simplify the process of file creation and transfers by translating data as required and by supporting XML data translation. Once information is available on your network, a new file can be created to alter data and insert it automatically into other files before they’re shared.

Going back to EDI, once a document is prepared according to EDI X12 standards, it can be translated to a common language between the organizations and sent via a point-to-point secure EDI connection. Protocols used for this range from FTP, to web-based EDI via AS2, and API-based systems like AS4 and more.

17. It Can Alert You if Something Didn't Happen as Expected

GoAnywhere can bring transmission errors to your attention quickly. This may prevent you from assuming someone received a file that never made it, or wasting time trying to track down the answer. You can have GoAnywhere’s notifications alert you via text message or email notification if a job does or does not finish as expected.

18. It Offers Remote Agent Support

Because organizations often have multiple remote offices that run on independent networks, with no way to securely transfer files between them, GoAnywhere can easily assist. GoAnywhere can deploy local agents on servers at these locations, allowing each office to exchange files with a central deployment of the product.

For organizations that have migrated part of their environment to the cloud, GoAnywhere Agents can reside in cloud infrastructure, like Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure, as well as on-premises.

19. It Permits Load Balancing and Clustering

Keep files and your processes running no matter what happens. Clustering GoAnywhere across shared databases and file systems is an ideal way to achieve greater high availability and load balancing. The act of clustering two or more GoAnywhere installations creates a distributed environment that organizations can use to handle file transfer services, while load balancing allows workloads to be distributed across multiple systems.

20. It Works so Ad-Hoc Transfers Aren't a Problem

GoAnywhere provides a HTTPS Web Client that allows employees, trading partners, and customers to perform secure ad-hoc file transfers whenever necessary. The collaboration can be done directly through a browser. This is a nice alternative to web file transfer methods like FTP, since end-users don’t need additional software or special training.

Can Your MFT Solution Do These 20 Things?

If not, it may be time to upgrade. Try the solution that can - GoAnywhere MFT - risk free for 30 days!

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