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Modules for Licensing

GoAnywhere is a robust and complete managed file transfer solution. Modules are available that can satisfy a wide array of file transfer requirements. Fortunately, you can choose to license and pay for only the modules you currently need and easily “unlock” additional modules, if necessary. Here are the modules that can be licensed:

Advanced Workflows - is used when you are initiating the transfer (push/pull), if PGP encryption/decryption is needed, if data needs to be pulled from or uploaded to a database, and if additional actions in a workflow need to be called before/after a file exchange.

SFTP Server - server side of an SFTP transfer. Your partner connects to you via SFTP and initiates the transfer.

FTPS Server - server side of a FTPS transfer. Your partner connects to you via FTPS and initiates the transfer.

Secure Folders - allows web users to connect to your HTTPS server via a browser.

AS2, AS3, & AS4 Send/Receive - secure protocols that send and receive messages. AS2 supports the encryption of messages between trading partners and vendors via HTTPS, while AS3 communicates EDI data using the FTP protocol. AS4 is an open B2B standard for exchanging secure documents between businesses using web services. Each protocol provides an extra layer of security through the use of digital signatures. AS2, AS3, and AS4 are licensed by number of partners. GoAnywhere is Drummond Certified, which is required by many businesses that exchange via AS2 and AS4.

Security Domains - every license includes two domains. Domains are useful if you want to manage file transfers and associated users in their own domain (by department for example).

Secure Mail - used to send files via email securely and/or if you want to send large files via Outlook or the web email client as there are no file size limitations when sending files via Secure Mail. Using the web email client, you can also send an email requesting files. Five free Secure Mail users are included with every GoAnywhere license.

Advanced Reporting - includes over two dozen useful activity and setting reports and the ability to create custom reports via an Advanced Workflows Task.

GoDrive - is used for file syncing, sharing, and collaboration. GoDrive is similar to cloud file sharing products, except it can be on premises or in the cloud, and you can choose to license it perpetually instead of per month (which is required by most competing products). The first five users are free, and GoDrive includes unlimited “view only” users.

EDI X12 and EDIFACT Data Transaction Sets - (requires Advanced Workflows) - allows you to easily read, write, and map X12 files between databases with a browser-based data mapping wizard. You can also read and write EDIFACT files with trading partners all over the world. A starter pack includes six transaction sets, with the option to purchase additional transaction sets.

Secure Forms - (requires Advanced Workflows) - allows end-users to fill out custom forms with one or more input values and optionally upload files through the HTTPS Web Client in GoAnywhere. When a form is submitted, an Advanced Workflows Project is executed to automatically process the submitted values and files.

Agents - (requires Advanced Workflows) - provide automated file transfers and workflows on systems throughout the enterprise. Agents can be installed on almost any server or workstation where file transfers or workflows need to be performed. Two agent tiers are available. Agents provide the ability to run local commands, compression, PGP encryption, and ETL and database tasks. One agent is provided free with every Advanced Workflows license.

GoAnywhere Gateway - (requires Advanced Workflows) is a separate product and must be downloaded on its own. It is normally used if you licensed the server side of the transfer (SFTP, FTPS, Secure Folders, FTP) but it can also be used for outbound connections too. It’s an enhanced reverse proxy that resides out in the DMZ, routing server requests without having any ports open into the network. It can also load balance/cluster the file servers.

Cloud Connectors - (requires Advanced Workflows) built-in integrations that seamlessly support the automation of data between web and cloud applications and your GoAnywhere MFT projects and workflows.

GoFast - transmits data considerably faster than with traditional FTP. GoFast channels broadcast data packets between clients, servers, and agents using the lightweight User Datagram Protocol (UDP). This protocol guarantees file delivery, encrypts file transmission, compresses files to minimize bandwidth, and lets users create workflows with GoFast tasks. It is ideal for streaming content that requires high throughput, such as live video and audio.

PeSIT Client - helps meet standards and accepts communications from the European banking industry. GoAnywhere’s PeSIT server can be used alongside our PeSIT Client, which allows for communications initiation. The PeSIT client helps guarantee delivery of PeSIT transfers with options to auto-retry connections, auto-resume interrupted file transfers, and perform integrity checks of successful file transfers.

PeSIT Server - provides for full support of the standard PeSIT command set (sends and receive files, specifies Maximum Data Block Lengths per transfer, SSL Certificate Server Authentication, transfers multiple files per connection, file transfer templates, and more). Audit trails or logs are generated for all PeSIT transmissions in GoAnywhere MFT to meet industry auditing and compliance requirements.

Content Inspection Modules
The following modules provide for content inspection of the traffic that flows through GoAnywhere.

Data Loss Prevention

  • Document Sanitization - strips out hidden, possibly sensitive data from documents such as properties, which can disclose the author and true date; change histories, which can leak sensitive data that authors believe was removed, such as project details, new product names and prices.
  • Data Redaction - overwrites or redacts critical or sensitive information to prevent data breaches. The communication content is modified but is allowed to continue to prevent business process disruption, with sensitive information replaced with a series of Xs.
  • Anti-Steganography - adding this to GoAnywhere MFT prevents files, messages, images, or videos from being concealed within another file.
  • Optical Character Recognition - is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text, whether from a scanned document, a photo of a document, a scene-photo, or from subtitle text superimposed on an image.

Threat Protection

  • Anti-virus - features integrated Kaspersky, Sophos and/or Avira anti-virus, with automatic updates every 15 minutes to provide the latest protection.
  • Structural Sanitization – adding this module onto GoAnywhere removes any active content such as scripts, coding, etc. from sent files. Information is, however, left intact in its original file format.

We also offer a free FTP Client & Server

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