GoAnywhere MFT can be utilized for exchanging files with HTTP servers (Web Sites).

Connections can be made to both standard HTTP servers and secure HTTPS servers using SSL/TLS. HTTP(S) servers can be pre-defined in GoAnywhere MFT's Administrator as reusable Resources which can then be selected from simple drop down menus.

HTTP Tasks can be placed within GoAnywhere MFT Projects and executed as part of a cohesive workflow process. For instance, a Project could be defined to get a CSV file from a HTTPS server, read the data from the CSV file, and import the data into a database file.

HTTP(S) Features in GoAnywhere MFT

  • Cookies support
  • HTTP Redirects support
  • Perform requests with parameters
  • Download/upload multiple files per session
  • Filter files to download based on last modified date/time
  • Utilizes only strong NIST-certified encryption algorithms when in FIPS 140-2 Compliance mode
  • Pass in variables (at runtime) to override HTTP(S) attributes

HTTP Task Example:


Integrate with HTTPS servers using GoAnywhere MFT

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