GoAnywhere Gateway


GoAnywhere Gateway is both an enhanced reverse and forward proxy that provides an additional layer of security when exchanging data with your trading partners.

With GoAnywhere Gateway, you can keep file sharing services (e.g. FTPS/s, SFTP, HTTPS servers) and documents safely in your private/internal network. No sensitive data needs to be stored in your DMZ. The reverse proxy feature in GoAnywhere Gateway allows you to keep inbound ports closed into your private network, which is essential for complying with PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, ISO 27000 and GLBA.

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When GoAnywhere Gateway is used as a forward proxy, it will make connections to external systems on behalf of users and applications in the private network. By routing outbound requests through a centralized point with GoAnywhere Gateway, you will be able to more easily manage file transfers from your firewall. The forward proxy feature additionally hides the identities and locations of your internal systems for security purposes. 

GoAnywhere Gateway Diagram

GoAnywhere Gateway features

  • No incoming ports need to be opened into the private network- reduces the risk of intrusion
  • No sensitive data files are stored in the DMZ
  • User credentials, permissions, certificates and keys are kept safe in the private network
  • Hides the locations and identities of internal systems
  • Services configurations are maintained/stored in the private network
  • Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS and AS2 file transfer protocols
  • Built-in load balancer to distribute workloads across multiple systems
  • No special hardware components required; software-only solution
  • Installs to Windows, Linux, AIX, UNIX and Solaris operating systems

In essence, GoAnywhere Gateway serves as a transparent interface between internal systems and external systems without exposing sensitive files and the private/internal network. 

To gain a better understanding of GoAnywhere Gateway, refer to the how it works section.


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