GoAnywhere MFT vs. MOVEit

Why Choose GoAnywhere MFT Over MOVEit?


We know you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a file transfer solution, from free, unsecure methods to marketplace leaders. And because file transfer security is so critical and can make or break the security of your data as it moves from point to point, your users need to feel comfortable with the solution you ultimately choose. GoAnywhere MFT offers many essential advantages over MOVEit, including agnostic operating system flexibility, strategic cybersecurity bundles, and cloud integrations.

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GoAnywhere Offers These Distinct Advantages Over MOVEit:

  • Platform agnostic: Including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Linux, and more
  • Cybersecurity integrations:
  • Operating system flexibility: GoAnywhere can support any protocol, any platform, and any deployment. As MOVEit is Windows-only solution, they are not as flexible as GoAnywhere.
  • File transfer acceleration: Powered by Fortra’s FileCatalyst, GoFast is a file transfer acceleration protocol that can transmit data considerably faster than traditional FTP. Through the use of patented technology, GoFast takes the best of UDP’s speed and adds reliability and rate control, for speed MOVEit can’t match.
  • Drag-and-drop workflows: With a breadth of capabilities for Automated Workflows, you can quickly and easily build workflows and combine manual and automated tasks into one master workflow – all with no scripting required, as may be needed with MOVEit for some tasks. With GoAnywhere you get easy reporting on your partner SLAs and can be alerted to any workflow issues before your trading partners.
  • Web dashboard: Users can get ease-of-use with a centralized, intuitive dashboard interface
  • Centralization and single interface ease: One browser-based platform to secure and automate your file transfer processes. MOVEit requires you to install two products (MOVEit Automation and MOVEit Transfer) to enable full MFT functionality, resulting in a higher cost of ownership.
  • High availability and clustering with true active-active support and load balancing to distribute workloads across multiple systems.
  • Remote agents are lightweight applications managed through your GoAnywhere browser-based interface of GoAnywhere and give you the ability to configure and schedule agent file transfers and business processes on remote and on-premises systems throughout your enterprise. configure and schedule agent file transfers and business processes from an intuitive, browser-based interface.
  • Secure forms: With this easy-to-implement module, end users fill out customized forms or upload files or submit forms by making SOAP or REST requests. Then, a workflow can automatically process the submitted values and files to be used with other tasks.
  • Fortra’s Data Security Suite: GoAnywhere MFT can help you move and share data securely, to meet critical trading partner and auditor requirements. And as a key part of Fortra’s comprehensive data security portfolio, customers get the advantage of strong integrations with cybersecurity solutions that boost an organization’s defensive stance. Plus, working with one company to protect your most valuable data is just simply easier and more efficient in today’s hectic IT environment.
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GoAnywhere’s Strategic Pairings Boost Your Cybersecurity Stance

GoAnywhere is unique in the MFT industry for its strategic bundling of cybersecurity solutions from Fortra’s data security portfolio for enhanced security around your most sensitive documents. These pairings include:

  • SFT and Threat Protection: Thanks to a seamless integration with our Secure ICAP Gateway, this bundle allows organizations to inspect content transferred with GoAnywhere for Threats and leakage. Without the risk of malware or data loss, you can be confident that the data you share and receive is free from malware and other threats. GoAnywhere can easily handle transfers of these redacted files.
  • Digital Rights Management While GoAnywhere handles the heavy lifting of moving files securely, GoAnywhere can work side-by-side with Fortra’s digital rights management tool to help you gain more control and protection over sensitive data, defining exactly who has access to those encrypted files anywhere they travel, and at any time.
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GoAnywhere: A Key Part of Fortra’s Broad Cybersecurity Portfolio

As an integral part of Fortra’s cybersecurity offerings for more than 15 years, GoAnywhere is in a unique position to help customers meet their diverse cybersecurity initiatives. Rather than operating as a singular, standalone managed file transfer (MFT) solution, GoAnywhere delivers secure file exchanges under the larger umbrella for a simpler, stronger, more straightforward approach to cybersecurity that covers much more than just managed file transfer.


GoAnywhere Also Comes with These Benefits:

  • Enterprise-level capabilities: Enjoy scalability, reliability, and customer-centric technical support beyond what off-the-shelf solutions can provide for seamless collaboration, integration, automation, robust security and administrative control.
  • Robust, built-in documentation: Detailed help text is included and accessible, down to the field level
  • Deployment flexibility: on-premises, cloud, hybrid
  • Support for multiple protocols, including FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, AS2/3/4, SFTP, and TCP
  • Licensed modules: Easy-to-grasp licensing options to match the business applications your organization needs. Existing customers can even try out modules such as Advanced Workflows, Secure Mail, or GoFast for accelerated file transfers for 30 days.
  • Cloud integrations, such as for Salesforce, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Box, and Dropbox with no need for custom scripting.
  • Secure email: Send messages and files as secure "packages" on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Secure folders: This module allows files to be transferred quickly between the desktop and server over HTTPS and be directly accessed by backend applications and programs.
  • Encryption using strong protocols such as Open PGP, AES, AS2, AS3, or AS4, ZIP with AES, PeSIT, etc.
  • Auditing and reporting to help meet compliance requirements
  • Scalability to quickly ramp up to meet the needs as your organization expands, with increased file transfer bandwidth or additional pre-paired
  • Powerful administrative controls to monitor and configure GoAnywhere from anywhere, anytime and to apply granular roles-based access for enhanced security
  • Web dashboard: Users can get ease-of-use with a centralized, intuitive dashboard interface
  • Customer-centric support from Quick Start to migration assistance to a Customer Portal where you can download the latest GoAnywhere software, updates, release notes and documentation, and manage your product licenses to training and certification, GoAnywhere supports organizations throughout their file transfer process journey.


While many file transfer solutions appear similar at first glance, a trial or demonstration can be very enlightening and help put you on the path to more secure, easy-to-use, and automated file transfers.

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There’s No Comparison: GoAnywhere Delivers the Easiest Secure File Transfer Solution

With GoAnywhere you don’t have to choose between ease-of-use and file transfer security. In fact, many users are surprised at just how quickly they can start transferring their business-critical files – often in about an hour from installing GoAnywhere in their organization’s environment. From a dashboard-style interface to drag-and-drop process building, GoAnywhere is user-friendly. Not only does GoAnywhere excel at transferring files securely, it also makes the file transfer process easier for trading partners.

MFT Quadrant Report

Compare User Satisfaction of GoAnywhere vs MoveIt

The Info-Tech Research Group evaluated 2022's most popular managed file transfer software and vendors in the MFT market. This detailed 34-page analysis includes:

  • Managed file transfer software comparison and review of top vendors including head-to-head comparisons of GoAnywhere MFT, Progress MOVEit MFT, IBM MFT, and more.
  • Vendor satisfaction leaders in areas including ease of implementation, product strategy, and vendor support.
  • Leaders in product feature satisfaction in areas such as encryption/decryption, file transfer, and multi-platform support.

We invite you to download the report to help decide which managed file transfer software is right for your organization. Check out how GoAnywhere MFT holds the top spot for managed file transfer solutions.

Here's a Sneak Peek at What the Report Reveals

  GoAnywhere MOVEit
Business Value 86% 83%
Ease of Implementation 86% 84%
Breadth of Features 85% 82%
Vendor Support 85% 82%
Ease of Data Integration 85% 82%
Usability/intuitiveness 84% 82%
Ease of customization 81% 75%
Composite score 8.9 8.5





Awards and Reviews Speak Volumes: GoAnywhere Leads in User Satisfaction

We’re proud to be consistently recognized by the file transfer industry, as well as by third-party review sites and their real user reviews as a robust, enterprise-level secure file transfer solution.

GoAnywhere is committed to continued development of the solution and in future-proofing secure file transfer for its customers, as evidenced by the reviews. Actual experience with our enterprise-level solution and evaluations from the managed file transfer industry are a key measure of our success in securely managing file transfers at rest and in motion.

Most likely recommend G2 medal winter 2023
G2 leader winter 2023 medal
G2 Best Est. ROI Medal Winter 2023

GoAnywhere’s Service and Support is Second to None

Whether your IT team is already adept at using file transfer solutions or just getting started, GoAnywhere’s world-class customer service support meets you where you are at and can take your essential processes farther with:

  • Built-in documentation: Complete with examples and screenshots to help clear up any questions, Dynamic functioning within the solution quickly takes you to the page you may have questions on.
  • Quick Start: Walks users through setting something up within GoAnywhere from start to finish, such as making your first transfer in Advanced Workflows.
  • Phone support: Available 24x7
  • Migration assistance: For moving from your current in-house file transfer process or for transitioning from another MFT tool such as MOVEit. Our team’s expertise and migration tools make the process seamless and efficient.
  • Health Check: Once GoAnywhere MFT is in place, a Health Check can analyze the security and reliability of your product configuration and guide you through any component needing adjustments for optimal use.
  • Technical Account Manager: Customers can leverage MFT expert services in addition to GoAnywhere’s technical support to meet and fast track any specific needs for administering and supporting their MFT implementation.

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