A Complete Accelerated Point-To-Point Direct File Transfer Solution

What is FileCatalyst Direct?

FileCatalyst Direct is a suite of server and client applications that enable point-to-point accelerated file transfers to anywhere, from anywhere at speeds of up to 10Gbps. By utilizing a patented UDP-based file transfer technology, FileCatalyst overcomes the issue of slow file transfers caused by network impairments such as latency and packet loss. FileCatalyst Direct will change your file transfer times from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds.

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Key Features of FileCatalyst Direct

Keep Files Secure

Your files are secured in transit, and at rest, with the latest encryption standards. Intrusion detection and IP Filters provide additional layers of security.

Guaranteed File Delivery

Guarantee file delivery with checkpoint restart, and MD5 checksum verification.


Further reduce transfer time with lossless compression techniques that leverage GZIP and/or LZMA algorithms.

Managed File Revisions Quickly

Our incremental transfer feature allows users to send only portions of a file that has changed thereby reducing transfer sizes by up to 90%.

Transfer Growing Files

Transfer files while they are still growing, being encoded or have long pauses in their growth.

Transfer Data into Cloud Storage

Integrate with major public clouds storage including Amazon S3Microsoft AzureDropbox, Backblaze B2, Swiftstack and Wasabi.

“FileCatalyst has saved us time, which has increased our productivity and decreased stress, all of which provide a cost savings to the company. I am also pleased to say that every interaction with a FileCatalyst team member has been wonderful. Everyone has been friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt in communication.”

~ U.S. Captioning Company

See FileCatalyst Direct File Transfer in Action

Watch this 3-minute overview to see how FileCatalyst Direct can help with point-to-point accelerated file transfers. In using FileCatalyst Direct, you can expect:

  • Accelerated file transfers to anywhere, from anywhere at speeds of up to 10Gbps
  • Faster file transfers due to UDP-based file transfer technology, which overcomes the issue of slow file transfers caused by network impairments
  • Reduced file transfer times that go from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds



Explore FileCatalyst Direct Use Cases

Data Mirroring & Backup

Leverage our file transfer acceleration technology for disaster recovery by using it to mirror your data. By having a redundant data set that is synced to the interval of your choosing, you are ready for anything that life throws at your organization.

data mirroring
data distribution

Data Distribution

Deliver your content and assets to anywhere in the world at accelerated speeds. Whether you are sharing content with your team members and co-workers, sending large files to a partner, or distributing products and updates to end users, you can do it hundreds of times faster than the competition with FileCatalyst in your toolbox.

Cloud Storage Integration

FileCatalyst Direct Server can integrate into any and all of your cloud storage providers at once. User home directories can be located on cloud storage or can contain virtual folders or files that are mapped to any combination of the supported cloud storage providers.

FileCatalyst is tightly integrated with cloud storage vendor specific SDKs to create the fastest and most comprehensive way to migrate data to and from cloud storage.

deployment options

“Accelerating file transfers in a secure and reliable manner has given us the ability to maximize our bandwidth. We couldn’t be happier with FileCatalyst.”

~ Express Media Group

FileCatalyst Direct Suite of Applications

FileCatalyst Server is the heart of the FileCatalyst Direct application suite. FileCatalyst Server maps user accounts to directories on your storage, whether that be on-premises or cloud storage. FileCatalyst client applications connect to the server via these user accounts to transfer files to and from mapped storage at speeds up to 10 Gbps. FileCatalyst server also provides remote administration, reporting, groups, virtual files/folder, and email link capabilities.

FileCatalyst HotFolder is an automation tool that allows the definition of one or more:

  • Sites (FileCatalyst Servers),
  • Local storage endpoints (Local storage, SAN, NAS, and more)
  • Scheduled Tasks to transfer files between them

FileCatalyst HotFolder, which can handle millions of files easily, can be used to replicate/synchronize very large file sets , to automate large file transfer between locations, and even transfers files as they are growing (i.e. media files as they are being encoded).

FileCatalyst Express is a simple 2-pane ad-hoc file transfer tool that mimics functionality of a traditional FTP client. End users browse their local files on the left, remote files on the right, and drag and drop files between them.

FileCatalyst TransferAgent enables any web application to add accelerated file transfer capabilities without the use of plugins. It provides a pure HTML5 web interface for uploads, downloads, and sending email links. TransferAgent also has a feature rich REST API that can be leveraged by third-party applications.

FileCatalyst Link is an easy-to-use feature that allows users to send files of any size to any email address, using only a web browser, at the maximum possible speed. The recipient simply clicks the link and downloads the files.

FileCatalyst mobile clients are available for both iOS and Android devices. Users can easily send files to FileCatalyst Servers. iOS and Android APIs are also available for third-party integration.

FileCatalyst Command Line Interface (CLI) provides the ability to initiate transfers from batch/shell scripts as well as the ability to initiate transfers from other applications that cannot use the Java, C++, or REST APIs. It provides all the same features as other client applications, but they are enabled using command line arguments.

FileCatalyst provides many options for integration into third party applications and workflows. Our SDK boasts a full range of components for a variety of development languages and environments, including Java, C++, .NET, and a full complement of REST APIs.

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FileCatalyst Reverse Proxy allows a FileCatalyst Direct Server to be completely isolated on the internal network behind a firewall without any public internet access. All incoming connections from FileCatalyst Client applications from the public Internet are only open to the Reverse Proxy which usually resides in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). The FileCatalyst Server connects out via TCP to the FileCatalyst Reverse Proxy to establish a continuous outgoing connection to the Reverse Proxy. All FileCatalyst client applications can connect to the FileCatalyst Reverse Proxy as though it was a FileCatalyst Server. The proxy will handle all routing of both TCP and UDP connections between the client applications and the FileCatalyst Server.

Flexible Deployment Options

FileCatalyst Server is a required component of the FileCatalyst deployment, and you can choose the client applications that fit your file transfer needs. The FileCatalyst Direct suite of applications are designed to meet needs that are dependent on your specific file transfer workflow. Each application is purpose-built for a specific job, and is a culmination of our more than 20 years of experience helping organizations solve their file transfer issues.

Not sure where to begin? Dive a little deeper with our free guide “Master Fast File Transfer Applications“.

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