SCP (Secure Copy) Client

Securing Data Transmissions


GoAnywhere MFT supports SCP (Secure Copy) for securing data transmissions with your trading partners. SCP creates an encrypted tunnel using SSH between two computer systems and will protect against the following attacks:

  • IP spoofing, where a remote host sends out packets which pretend to come from another, trusted host
  • IP source routing, where a host can pretend that an IP packet comes from another, trusted host
  • DNS spoofing, where an attacker forges name server records
  • Interception of cleartext passwords and other data by intermediate hosts
  • Manipulation of data by attackers in control of intermediate hosts

SCP Features in GoAnywhere MFT


GoAnywhere MFT provides SCP features to satisfy enterprise requirements.

  • Ability to authenticate using passwords or SSH keys
  • Get, Put, MGet commands
  • Transfer multiple files per connection using loops
  • Indicate the number of connection retry attempts and timeout values
  • Auto suffix and prefix file names with constants, timestamps or variables
  • Override file names and other properties at execution time using variables
  • Auto retry with user-defined connection timeouts and retry limits
  • Configurable port numbers
  • Support for Adaptive connections
  • Utilizes only strong NIST-certified encryption algorithms when in FIPS 140-2 Compliance mode
  • Generation of detailed logs (audit trails)


SSH Key Management


A comprehensive Key Manager is provided in GoAnywhere MFT to allow for the management of SSH Keys. The Key Manager can be used to create SSH public and private keys, export keys and view keys. These SSH Keys can be utilized within GoAnywhere MFT for automating SFTP transmissions.

Standards Support for SCP


GoAnywhere MFT supports the following standards for SCP:


  • SSH 2.0

Ciphers (Symmetric Encryption Algorithms)

  • Triple DES, key length of 192 bit
  • Blowfish, key length up to 448 bit
  • AES, key length up to 256 bit

MAC Algorithms

  • MAC-SHA1
  • HMAC-SHA1-96
  • HMAC-SHA2-256
  • HMAC-MD5
  • HMAC-MD5-96

Key Exchange Algorithms

  • Diffie-Hellman
  • MODP Groups 1, 2, 5 (1536-bit), 14 (2048-bit), 15 (3072-bit), 16 (4096-bit), 17 (6144-bit) and 18 (8192-bit).

SSH Private Keys

  • OpenSSH encoded keys
  • PEM (privacy enhanced message) encoded keys

SSH Public Keys

  • OpenSSH encoded keys

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