AS3 File Transfers

What is AS3 and how it is used to send and secure critical file transfers? Explore everything you need to know about Applicability Statement 3.

An Introduction to AS3

What is AS3?

AS3 (Applicability Statement 3) is a standard used to securely transmit virtually any file type. It was originally created to transfer structured data files, like XML and EDI documents, for business-to-business data sent over FTP(S). These messages are structured using the standard S/MIME format.

What is the Difference Between AS2 and AS3?

Unlike AS2, AS3 is a client-server model and is best suited for businesses that work mostly with FTP applications and security. Also unlike AS2, AS3 is a push-pull protocol and does not require an ongoing connection.

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When and Why to Use AS3?

AS3 is a secure protocol for sending sensitive data. Organizations using AS3 often choose it over other common file transfer protocols (like FTP or SFTP) because it simplifies the process to meet compliance requirements and trading partner needs.

Users can request MDNs (Message Disposition Notifications), or receipts to verify that the intended AS3 message as received, either as signed or unsigned.

A few benefits of AS3:

End-to-end encryption for sensitive files through SSL

Transaction records and audits

Delivery receipts and MDN

AS3 and Drummond Certified

Drummond Certified is a label that Drummond Group (a third-party certification body) gives to products and solutions that have proven their interoperability between AS3 vendors. The certification is extensive and helps ensure that the solution you use will allow you to successfully integrate with your AS3 trading partners.

In order to pass the Drummond Certification process, any product attempting certification has to conduct thousands of AS3 protocol test scenarios successfully.

The AS3 Client

The AS3 client software in GoAnywhere can automate the delivery of your AS3 messages, send on a schedule, or send based on triggers. With GoAnywhere, you can:

  • Attach multiple files to a message
  • Digitally sign all outgoing messages
  • Receive message receipts either automatically or manually
  • Log all AS3 message traffic – what was sent, by who, and date and time

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Getting Started with AS3 File Transfers

Whether your organization needs to transfer sensitive files with receipts, or your trading partners require that you send files using AS3, it’s simple to start using AS3. It’s all about finding the right solution.

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure managed file transfer solution that simplifies, streamlines, audits, and automates your file transfers across a variety of environments. It provides AS3 client server software for organizations of all sizes.

Start Using AS3 for File Transfers Today

Need to transfer files with AS3? See how easy it is to implement secure AS3 file transfers in your organization with a free, 30-day trial of GoAnywhere MFT.