Cancer Registry of Greater California Boosts Team Collaboration and Productivity with GoAnywhere MFT

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Often times our clients find that GoAnywhere MFT helps them address a diverse number of problems in their organization.

This was especially true of Cancer Registry of Greater California (CRGC) when they set out to improve data movement between facilities while maintaining stringent PHI requirements for file transfers.

The Challenge: Simple, Secure Transfer of Data with Partner Facilities

The CRGC was utilizing 20-25 secure email subscription services to transfer small files and emails securely. However, according to Cory Hamma, systems support manager for CRGC, "the file transfer size limitation, lack of organizational control, and complexity for the remote user led to a re-evaluation of available market options."

As the CRGC transfers mostly confidential patient data, a solution that meets the FIPS 140-2 requirements and provides a significant amount of security control was also a must. The diverse requirements of CRGC led them to choose the GoAnywhere MFT solution from Fortra.

"We have significantly enlarged our use of GoAnywhere, and it has become part of the conversation on almost every project we plan now," said Hamma. Implementing the MFT solution has proven to be both effective and efficient for the organization.

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Unlimited File Size

"Many research files exceeded 1 GB in size," said Hamma, "so the ability to remove that barrier entirely was huge." The Java uploader, combined with flexible file size limitations within GoAnywhere MFT, allowed even the largest research data sets to be transferred successfully.

One Way File Traffic

Workers at partner facilities received credentials to send files. CRGC, however, did not want to be liable for employees retrieving those files later from their personal computer at home. "We knew it was important to manage the flow of documents," Hamma said. "GoAnywhere gave us a solution that worked well for both end users and system admins."

The granular file controls allow remote users to transfer files/folders to the server and verify their transfer, but then ensures that the files cannot be re-downloaded except by CRGC employees. Detailed audit logs ensure accurate documentation of who, when and where files are accessed.

Notification and Automation

When files are uploaded by a partner facility, employees, or a team of employees, are notified of each successful file transfer. This establishes a procedure for timely attention to uploaded files and ensures that files do not go unprocessed.

"Utilizing automation, CRGC will be able to submit these files directly into a workflow system, such as Sharepoint," added Hamma.

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Secure Ad-hoc Email

Occasionally, CRGC has a need for one-time event file transfers.

GoAnywhere MFT's Secure Mail feature provides important safety features through its ability to specify a recipient's email address, the flexibility of allowing users to submit their own password or select from a pre-chosen random password, and a variety of package expiration options.

Empowering Employees

The freeflow of information encourages collaboration and streamlines workflows. "Elimination of roadblocks to collaboration is an important facet of Information Technology at the CRGC," said Hamma.

By removing these roadblocks, employees are free to interact and exchange documents without requesting or having to wait for access to an account. Streamlining these processes keeps information in motion to facilitate employee productivity on priority assignments.

Closure on Firewall Port Issues

By utilizing GoAnywhere Gateway, a unique DMZ Reverse Proxy feature, no internal firewall ports were required to implement the software.

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While there are many additional restrictions in-place on the CRGC network to monitor suspicious network traffic and security segmentation between all layers of servers, this feature alone allowed management to sign-on to the project with few security concerns.

You can learn more about the Cancer Registry of Greater California by visiting their website.

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