Nemours Children's Health Systems Saves Time with Flexible Managed File Transfer Solution

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Nemours Children's Health System cares for over 300,000 children annually through their children’s health systems, and champions advocacy for children’s health worldwide, creating an ever-changing landscape for various types of file transfers.

As one of the largest integrated pediatric health systems in the nation, their continued expansion combined with the ever-increasing demand to provide accurate data quickly and securely created the need for a solution that can grow with industry changes as well as support current workflows.

The Challenge: Improve Security and Efficiency of File Transfers

The exchange of data with vendors and clients had traditionally been both difficult and time-consuming for Nemours staff. Without standardized methods for transferring data, the team had been utilizing various methods, including scripting, Windows scheduled tasks and manual transfers. Over time, with the growth of the organization and volume of file transfers, the team began to feel the strain of inefficiency.

"There was clearly a need for standardization," said Michael Kuck, Application Engineer at Nemours. "Individuals and teams did not have one isolated process to implement these types of file transfers with vendors and clients. With the advancement of our organization, we also needed to stay up to date with security and communication protocols to ensure protected and reliable data transfers."

As luck would have it, they discovered that the systems intel team at Nemours had just purchased GoAnywhere MFT licenses to replace their existing Tumbleweed secure file transfer application. The two groups were happy to learn that the licenses would accommodate all of their needs and that it could be done with a single, shared solution.

Exceptionally Versatile Software

While the team at Nemours expected GoAnywhere to help simplify, secure and automate file transfers, they consider its ability to consolidate and streamline data transfers to be invaluable. GoAnywhere has reduced the load on crucial servers and will soon be utilized to consolidate multiple platforms into a single source.

Working to simplify support of external clients, Nemours migrated their procedures for connecting and dropping files remotely via an HTTPS site to GoAnywhere due to its ease of use and enhanced functionality.

Becoming well versed in the potential of GoAnywhere, the team considered it the obvious choice for an Enterprise project updating how statements were processed. The project was well underway when a requirement was suddenly added for PDF capabilities.

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The vendor was providing individual PDF files for each patient in the Enterprise. With the number of files easily in the thousands, the Nemours team had to come up with a process to bring those unexpected PDF files back into their environment while keeping the rest of the project on-track.

"Having the ability to use GoAnywhere to monitor the external location for available files became crucial for this operation," said Kuck. His team used the powerful features of GoAnywhere to bring in specific files, unzip, and deploy to their Electronic Medical Records. The files are matched electronically to the correct patient, allowing Nemours staff to view documents, plus deliver statements and correspondence to patients in a fraction of the time it took prior to implementing GoAnywhere.

Major Time Savings

With well over 5,000 transfers running every month, it was important to have a reliable system in place that could handle the volume while maintaining high security standards needed to meet HIPAA requirements.

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"We have multiple processes where PGP encryption and decryption takes place. Managing multiple resource types with various data points within GoAnywhere seems almost too easy. It has significantly decreased the stress of managing this process for us," said Kuck.

The group was even more impressed when they discovered how quickly and easily they could implement new projects - such as automatically pulling data from a vendor to update internal applications, setting up processes that made information immediately available between two parties, or encrypting data on a daily basis. Tasks that used to take several days have filtered down to a few hours.

Additionally, they found the previously time-consuming job of troubleshooting now takes mere minutes with the use of the detailed job and audit logs.

An Invaluable File Transfer Tool

Nemours discovered that GoAnywhere was much more than a standard file transfer solution and have continued to expand their use of the product in new ways as their organization’s needs grow and change.

The advanced capabilities of the software along with optional add-on modules give GoAnywhere unprecedented flexibility for file transfers, acceleration, ad hoc, and file sharing collaboration. Combined with easy scalability to handle enterprise-level requirements, the managed file transfer solution has proven to be surprisingly adaptable for a variety of projects and situations.

According to Kuck, "GoAnywhere has simply redefined our process of automating file transfers. We can easily perform these duties across the enterprise and outside our walls with assurance. I find myself formalizing workflows around what MFT can do. It's amazing what this software can accomplish."

You can learn more about Nemours Children's Health System by visiting their website.


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