Southeastern Health Relies on GoAnywhere MFT to Support its Mission of Quality Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare

In the healthcare industry it’s important to remain dedicated to quality patient care. One healthcare organization located in the Southeastern United States is well-versed in doing just that, as well as remaining dedicated to keeping their file transfers secure.

Southeastern Health, located in Lumberton, North Carolina, has a history of providing care to those in need since 1953. As a non-profit organization, Southeastern Health is a comprehensive healthcare system that offers a wide variety of health care services through its affiliated divisions to more than 15,000 inpatients and 61,000 emergency patients annually. These services include cardiology, general surgery, neurology, pediatrics, and more. Their mission is to provide quality regional healthcare in a safe, compassionate, and efficient environment.

Getting Started with Managed File Transfer

Like all hospitals, Southeastern Health strives to take excellent care of patients. Accurate, fast communication and the sharing of sensitive information securely is critical to support quality healthcare across the board.

Initially, file transfers at Southeastern Health were handled with less efficient and secure FTP methods, leading the team to look for a better way. Their sights were set on a solution that could not only share information efficiently, but protect patients’ privacy, comply with HIPPA, and streamline the entire process safely.

Albert King, Integration Manager at Southeastern Health, was part of the team who helped transition them from unsecure, spotty methods to a high-caliber MFT solution.

Why GoAnywhere MFT?

King presented GoAnywhere MFT to the organization, as it matched the right price point, transferred files securely to their liking, and would be a great time saver. “It wasn’t a very expensive product for all that it does and was much quicker than doing transfers with our previous FTP method, which would bomb out and not complete at times – within an hour GoAnywhere had it,” King said. “GoAnywhere really works well for us, from our initial needs, to our broader and more complex needs today.”

King reiterated that Southeastern Health didn’t even consider other options before making their decision. “It met our needs for encryption, is a good product, and it met our budget. I didn’t need to look elsewhere.” It was also easy for him and his team to learn the solution.

How It’s Utilized Today

As a loyal customer of GoAnywhere MFT for over 10 years, Southeastern Health has utilized the solution for an array of projects, emails, and moving file transfers to other places. Their integration of GoAnywhere with Epic, an electronic medical record solution, to perform secure server-to-server file transfers has been key to their efficiency with data movement. As of today, King said, “We have about 100 processes running, including sending out pharmacy data to places. Epic uses it to get data off the Epic server to our other server, so we have it in house. It has been a lifesaver! When we implemented Epic, they had never heard of GoAnywhere – they really like it now.”

Healthcare organizations often must send sensitive electronic protected health information (ePHI) and electronic health record (EHR) data to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and insurance companies while complying with EDI X12 trading partner requirements and regulations like HIPAA and HITECH. “We have to comply with HIPAA and GoAnywhere has helped us a lot with that because of data encryption,” King stated.

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In addition to integrating with Epic and supporting their compliance requirements, Southeastern Health also utilizes GoAnywhere to transfer files from ScriptPro (an automated pharmacy solution), transmit payroll data from the cloud to use with queries, and more. Over the years they have continued to take advantage of GoAnywhere MFT for countless secure, automated file transfer initiatives.

Why Southeastern Health is Loyal to GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere MFT’s strong support is one of the main reasons King and Southeastern Health has stuck with GoAnywhere for over a decade. “The support team is a huge strength. The ease of use is good, and I always enjoy the interactions. They are there to help us when we need it.” King said.

“GoAnywhere overall is good to work with,” he added. “I can’t stress enough that they meet our needs and provide a good product, along with good support – therefore we stay to loyal to them. If you’re using other products, you might want to look at GoAnywhere MFT.”

You can learn more about Southeastern Health by visiting their website.