Enabling File Transfer Acceleration in FileCatalyst Workflow



FileCatalyst Workflow is known best for its ability to amalgamate web-based workflows such as large file distribution over email, job submission and distribution, and online storage via web folders into a one powerful and easy to use solution. In this webinar, presenter John Tkaczewski, FileCatalyst’s Co-Founder and President, enlightens viewers on how to enable the fast file transfer acceleration technology that associated with FileCatalyst Direct into FileCatalyst Workflow by configuring the settings in FileCatalyst Direct Server and FileCatalyst Workflow. He also highlights some of the other benefits this integration can provide  

What & How

In order to enable fast file transfer acceleration in FileCatalyst Workflow, you will need to have, or perform, the following:

  • Port settings:
    • Server port
    • Secure server port
    • SFTP port
  • A regular user that will be used as a proxy account
  • Remote Administration enabled
  • Disable the Internal Server
  • Modify the FileCatalyst Server(s) and script execution
  • Uncheck “use internal” for the default site and click on “check site “
  • Enter the Host Name, User Name, Password


This webinar is an excellent resource for current FileCatalyst Workflow users who want to leverage fast file transfer capabilities. Adversely, FileCatalyst Direct users who want to learn more about FileCatalyst Workflow and its capabilities will also find this webinar useful.