Health Check

Analyze the security and reliability of your configuration

service health check

Once GoAnywhere MFT is up and running in your environment, you can analyze the security and reliability of your product configuration by requesting a Health Check.

This service provides a detailed review of your current configuration and settings. We’ll check the number of licenses, workspaces, job logs, and more, then guide you through each component that needs adjusting.

At the end of the Health Check, we’ll provide you with a system report and list of the recommendations we discussed with you during the session.

What’s reviewed during a Health Check?


These are just some of the items we review during a Health Check.

Number of Licenses


Job Logs

Product Versions

Service Accounts

Key Stores

Java Versions


Security, Roles & Permissions

Hardening Your MFT Environment


Fortra strives to apply security best practices in the design, development, and testing of GoAnywhere MFT. However, securing a GoAnywhere MFT environment requires the active participation from administrators, and consideration of the needs and operating procedures of your organization.

We have security resources available, including our services team, to help you and your security team review your environment throughout the Health Check and hardening process.


Request a Health Check 

Annual Upgrade & Health Check Bundle


This subscription service bundle gives you the continued assurance that your GoAnywhere environment is updated to the latest version and the confidence of a thorough system Health Check.

You’ll get an evaluation of your existing GoAnywhere MFT environment, a review of your upgrade strategy by a Technical Consultant, a comprehensive Health Check of your system, and a consultation on any risks and compatibility issues with your planned upgrade.

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