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Meet Our Glossary

Tech terminology is always expanding and growing, and it’s not slowing down any time soon as the world becomes more reliant on technology in the workforce and beyond.

Finding the right outlet for exploring and learning technical terms can be a hit or miss, but GoAnywhere’s glossary is a knockout.

Why a Glossary?

As the endless amounts of tech terminology continues to multiply, we know that keeping all the relevant terms straight can be a tricky thing to master. This is precisely why we created the GoAnywhere Glossary.

Whether you’re feeling stuck or just need to brush up on your terms, the GoAnywhere Glossary is there for you!

Our top-level managed file transfer (MFT) glossary is a superb resource for learning all the relevant GoAnywhere jargon no matter if you’re already familiar with the terms or just becoming acquainted.

The glossary not only contains the correct definitions of the terminology, it provides you with external links relevant to the terms as a way to learn more. Scroll through the full list, search by term, or select by individual letter.

How It Can Benefit YOU

The GoAnywhere Glossary is an ever-expanding resource that will continue to add new terms as they present themselves. We want it to be a place that doesn’t have a stopping point and will always be a go-to resource. We know it can benefit you long-term!

Get the Right Guidance with the GoAnywhere Glossary

Keep your tech terminology in tip-top shape.

Explore the Glossary

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