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Give the Gift of Secure Folders, Secure Forms, and More

Give the gift of more MFT potential with modules

If you’ve already given your IT team and organization the gift of managed file transfer (MFT) for secure, streamlined file transfers of your business-critical information, wow them further with modules.

GoAnywhere modules, such as Secure Forms and Secure Folders, are like the bows on top of a present – they help tie up the loose ends of your file transfer process to ensure that not only are your files secure at rest and at transit, your sharable folders are accessible, easy to collaborate with, and that the forms you need to obtain information are locked down securely.

Secure Folders Eases Collaboration and More

Secure Folders is one of the licensed modules offered from GoAnywhere MFT. When enabled, users can get access to authorized files and folders on the server or network location through a HTTPS web client.

What benefits does the “gift” of secure folders unwrap?

  • Customized permissions: This highly customizable module lets you assign only the permissions you wish to grant to different team members.
  • Easier collaboration: In addition to access to authorized files and folders, you can collaborate with others by sharing those as well.
  • Access to folders on backend apps and programs: With the Secure Folder module you can transfer files between desktops and the server over HTTPS for direct access.
  • Automated triggers: Secure folders lets you easily drag and drop files or folders to initiate transfers. You can set up a trigger to automatically take care of manual tasks such as processing, emailing, and moving folders or files.
  • Secure Mail: You can send secure email files directly from the Secure Folders module. Simply start a Secure Mail message and your recipient will receive a download link to the file that originated in one of your Secure Folders.
  • Generate an audit: Secure folders can help you stay compliant with industry requirements by generating a full audit of file transfers.
  • Encryption of key data: GoAnywhere’s Encrypted Folders function automatically encrypts content uploaded to the folders. This adds a layer of protection so that hackers, or even users with elevated privileges, would not have access to the information outside of GoAnywhere.

On-demand Webinar: Get the Most Out of GoAnywhere: Secure Mail, Forms and Gateway

Secure Forms Helps Complete Your Use of GoAnywhere

No matter what business you’re in, collecting information via a request for online form completion is commonplace. Keeping this data collected safe and secure at all times is critical. Whether you’re a healthcare organization needing patient health history information, a manufacturer accepting online orders, an insurance company processing claims or any organization publishing online forms, locking that information down is easier with GoAnywhere’s Secure Forms.

This licensed module allows you to create customized form to be sent via a public or private URL. Once your recipients access the link, they can securely upload files and submit their information. Information is then encrypted and delivered to your GoAnywhere MFT application for processing, keeping the information secure throughout the process.

When a form is submitted, an Advance Workflow project in GoAnywhere can be executed to automatically process the values and files as you determine. Administrators of GoAnywhere can define one or more Secure Forms with input fields, custom labels, and file upload components to better control and streamline the data end-users provide.

You can even make forms more friendly to users in different languages by creating multiple forms for the same purposes, say in Italian and English. The GoAnywhere administrators can select their preferred language in the Web Client, which will then only show forms applicable to the selected language.

On-demand Webinar: Get the Most Out of GoAnywhere: Secure Forms

Maximize Your MFT Instance

Secure Forms and Secure Folders are just two of the ways you can expand the functionality of your GoAnywhere software with licensed modules. We have bundles that align with the most common use cases, including those with Advanced Workflows, Advanced Reporting, Secure Mail, MFT Agents, Cloud Connectors, PeSIT Client and Server, and more.

Unlocking more functionality is as easy as updating the license key for your current GoAnywhere environment. Not sure if a particular bundle is what you need? Existing GoAnywhere customers can try them for free for 30 days with a temporary license.

Enhance your use of GoAnywhere when you leverage its full capabilities.

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