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How Advanced Workflows Goes Beyond the Surface

A deep sea diver seaching near a shipwreck for answers to how Advanced Workflows can help with your business needs

Imagine taking one of your monstrous, days-long tasks and condensing it into just a few clicks. With Advanced Workflows, you can do just that: set up a task once and let GoAnywhere MFT do the rest. The full scope of Advanced Workflows is vast; dive deep into this popular Project-builder that helps you automate and manipulate data movement throughout your enterprise.

The Shallows: Add Power to Your GoAnywhere Implementation

The Advanced Workflows module is one of several unlockable features that expands security, encryption, and automation elements already built into GoAnywhere MFT. Workflows, also known as Projects in GoAnywhere, let you line up and run tasks back-to-back automatically.

The core of Advanced Workflows is the ability to effortlessly design Projects with a drag-and-drop wizard. Even without a programming background, anyone can construct a Project from start to finish, then automate file transfers using either GoAnywhere’s built-in scheduler or the scheduler your business already uses.

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Save time and money with Advanced Workflows. Reduce the incidence of human error by moving disparate tasks usually done manually into a centralized workflow. Stay abreast of your file transfers with Advanced Workflows:

  • Easily audit and receive alerts about data movement
  • Keep current with security and compliance requirements
  • Auto-resume any file transfers that fall through

SCUBA Diving: Scalable Workflow Automation for Enterprises

Set Up Triggers to Keep Things Moving

Like a Rube Goldberg machine, let one event set off the next. Create triggers that watch for certain events, including file uploads or downloads, or even when a login fails. Based on information you specify, GoAnywhere will take the next steps and keep you informed about what’s going on in the background.

Connect Advanced Workflows to Your Cloud Services

Cloud Connectors give you the freedom to link GoAnywhere with popular web and cloud apps like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Simply specify the cloud connection properties once, and re-use them again and again.

Use Advanced Workflows to Transform Your Data

If your trading partners provide data in formats your database doesn’t accept, or vice versa, let Advanced Workflows do the heavy lifting for you. Translate to and from formats including EDI X12, CSV, and XLS all within the software – and you only have to outline the translation process for Advanced Workflows once.

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Build Workflows that Multiple Projects can Reference

Advanced Workflows can be self-referential: create one workflow that multiple Projects can call or reference instead of reinventing the wheel each time you need to carry out similar steps. For example, let Advanced Workflows encrypt and decrypt data for each of your file transfers automatically.

At the End, Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot individual Projects smoothly. You can run each Project in debug mode, and interactively execute tasks one at a time to find a problem area either before a Project goes live, if you notice errors, or if changes occur in your process down the line.

The Mariana Trench: Automate Anything and Everything

Delve into the unexplored. With more than 100 tasks available in the component library, workflows are constrained only by your imagination. GoAnywhere users have automated hundreds of tasks and simplified their business activities in the process. Some top examples include:

  • Auditing systems and diagnosing problems without hours of downtime and troubleshooting at one South Carolina hospital
  • Safely communicating and sharing files with small community hospitals that don’t have IT staffing that can set up secure file transfer connections
  • Establishing a secure entry point between Salesforce and internal systems
  • Parsing and analyzing data collected from servers and equipment for a food grade equipment manufacturing company
  • Centralizing over 40 remote sites that send files to a main server every day to securely collect data, generate detailed reports, and monitor all transfer activity

Line up tasks back-to-back to compress, encrypt, convert, and even do simple file system tasks. Shorten your tasks from multi-day undertakings to automated projects with Advanced Workflows.

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Advance Your Workflow

Go beyond manual to-dos and basic workflows with an abundance of unique tasks. Start a trial to see whether Advanced Workflows can save you time on your lengthy projects and tackle secure integration with ease.

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